How Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Rideshare Drivers

How Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Rideshare Drivers

Ridesharing is a transportation service that allows passengers to use an app to book a driver immediately through their smartphones. Many transportation companies use this method, but the most prominent are Uber and Lyft. Both drivers and passengers admit that, while it’s convenient, accidents can still happen. Drivers can sustain injuries as well and will need the assistance of car accident lawyers in several ways.  

When Another Driver Is At Fault 

Passengers aren’t the only ones who’ll need help during an accident. The driver of the ridesharing service can also be hurt. They could be a responsible driver and were only involved in a car crash through the fault of another driver. They also need compensation to pay for medical bills and loss of property.  Suppose you’re an Uber or Lyft driver using your vehicle. In that case, you can enlist the help of car accident lawyers to push for injury and property damage compensation. The right lawyer will help you get what you need from your company and the at-fault party.  

If The Driver Is At Fault 

An injured passenger can demand compensation, and when that happens, you, as the ridesharing driver, will need an accident lawyer. It’s especially true if you don’t have the means to provide compensation for medical bills. The passenger may also likely go after the Uber of Lyft company. They have insurance policies as a means of protection for both the drivers and the passengers. Various states are requiring these companies to maintain these insurance policies. In California, they take effect immediately as soon as the transaction between the passenger and the company occurs. Note that the involvement of your personal auto insurance may depend on your insurance company.  

If you get into an accident, the transaction between you and the passenger makes you a commercial driver. Depending on your insurance provider, you might or might not be able to use your insurance to pay for claims partially. 

How Can An Experienced Accident Lawyer Help? 

Accidents can cause injuries, and the worse ones can lead to disablement. Not only does a driver lose a job, but a sense of normalcy as well. A car accident lawyer can make a deal with insurance companies on your behalf. They use knowledge and expertise to the best of their abilities to push for a settlement, even when the case reaches court.  

Accident attorneys, sometimes with a team of paralegals, may collect proof to establish liability after the accident. Experienced lawyers have years of navigating complicated car accident cases. They also know what coverages will come into play in a particular case.

Car accident lawyers will negotiate for the following: 

  • Compensation for medical costs 
  • Lost wages 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of a loved one (for a family member who passed away during the accident) 
  • Disability and disfigurement 

What To Do After An Accident 

  • Seek Medical Care Immediately 

Check the condition of those involved. Your priority is to find out if injuries are sustained during the accident. If you feel well enough, call the emergency hotline as soon as possible. Don’t prolong calling for help as injuries may worsen. EMTs that’ll arrive on the scene will help determine the severity of injuries, as well as help provide documentation, along with other health professionals.  

  • Create Your Report 

After seeking medical assistance for your passenger and yourself, do your best to recall important details during the accident. Gather enough evidence if your healthcare professional decides that you’re well enough. Taking photos will also provide additional proof. You can do this if you feel well enough or seek the help of your attorney.

Include the following information in your report: 

  • Your injuries 
  • Passenger injuries 
  • Damages made to other drivers, pedestrians, and properties 
  • Damages to your vehicle 
  • A screenshot of your status in your company app 
  • Details from witnesses, if any  
  • Your and the other driver’s insurance details 
  • Seek A Rideshare Accident Lawyer  

Do some research on the best accident lawyer in your area who can help you navigate your case if you haven’t yet. Bring your detailed report and answer questions truthfully. Your attorney will advise you if your case is eligible. 

  • Decide If You Want To File A Rideshare Claim 

If the lawyer informs you that your case is eligible, they’ll also tell you that you can file for a rideshare claim, which is entirely up to you. They’ll explain the details to you as clearly as they can, including the benefits of seeking rideshare compensation. It’s because your auto insurance company may not cover specific damages. They’ll also be able to help you secure payment even if there are no passengers in your car at that time.  

In Conclusion 

Ridesharing accidents can occur anytime and with anyone, but some situations can complicate a case, especially when determining who is really at fault. When you’re a driver who gets involved in an accident, it’s always best to approach a car accident lawyer who can give you the best counsel, so you’ll know where you stand in the case.  

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