Is Law Still One of the Top Employable Degrees?

As if choosing the perfect degree wasn’t already enough of a challenge, the ultra-competitive job market means students also need to seriously consider whether their chosen qualification has enough of a demand to lead to actual job opportunities.

Fresh Student Living have looked into the ten most employable degrees and the sectors they fall into. In 2017, 14 million graduates entered the job market. These are the degrees most likely to land them a job in 2018. Degree/Course Rate of Employability Medicine and Dentistry 99% of all medicine and dentistry students land a job within six months of leaving uni. Veterinary Science This degree holds its own in the employment stakes with 98% of graduates finding work within six months after graduating. Subjects Allied to Medicine These degrees are not only some of the most popular, but also have an employability rate of 95% within six months of graduating. Architecture, Building &am...

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