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Court Rules Against Uber in Win for California Workers

18th July 2023
The highest court in California has ruled that Uber must face a lawsuit claiming that it should have covered work-related expenses for UberEats drivers.
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California Immigration Rates: Trends and Implications

25th May 2023
When you think of immigration in the United States, California is likely one of the first states that come to mind.
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California Employment Law and the Dangers of Retroactivity

30th November 2022
Wide-reaching changes in employment law are important to all businesses in the US, because they must continually ensure their compliance with new requirements.
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A Close Look at Expungement

30th November 2022
Expungement and other methods of criminal record elimination provide a vital role in allowing their recipients a fresh start at life.
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Everything You Need To Know About Guardianship And Conservatorship

18th August 2022
Each of these terms has a different meaning in different states. But regardless of this, each of them is a trial in which a guardian or trustee is responsible for his ward. We will look at the meanings of these terms in California. The main difference between a guardianship and a conservatorship lies in the […]
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Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal In The United States?

2nd August 2022
A lot of drivers don't like it when motorcyclists overtake traffic. They think that leaving the lane and going in front of other vehicles is unsafe. However, the truth is that not all US states consider the practice illegal. Lane splitting is a safer option for motorcyclists. Giving them the ability to get out of […]
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How to Prepare for an Employment Tax Audit in California

31st May 2022
To avoid legal missteps, it is important to gain a thorough understanding of what such an audit entails.
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