Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

Do you expect to see demand for your crisis and emergency management services increase as the business climate crisisworsens? Yes, we expect to see an increase in both the need to respond to catastrophic incidents as well as working with organisations around preemptive planning. There are a series of contributing elements including aging infrastructure such as pipelines and processing facilities as well an ongoing shift in workforce. Organisations continue to focus on downsizing and staff reductions and in this new normal, fewer individuals are working onsite. Personnel that primarily focused on safety and compliance are not returning to the workplace. There is also an increase in regulatory activity to protect communities. As individuals retire, there are fewer of the next generation entering into the workforce who have an education focused on safety management and risk reduction. IFOoffers a series of training topics. Which of these do your clients generally find to be the most beneficial? Training is often an outcome of an independent audit that the IFO Group has performed. Because of this, popular topics are commonly related to regulatory enforcement. Frequent training topics include Confined Space Safety, HAZCOM (Hazard Communication) and Globally Harmonised System (GHS), Life Safety and Fire Protection, Respiratory Protection and Working at Heights (Fall Protection). The IFO Group has two certified industrial hygienists on-staff and as a result we have had an increased interest in training related to Industrial Hygiene Strategy, David Prince David Prince is Managing Consultant for the IFO Group. He has 35 years of experience working for companies such as Exxon, SGS and Bureau Veritas as a global professional who led complex industrial projects and large change management transitions. His executive and professional experience includes completing high-profile industrial inspections and investigations, revitalising global business organisations, transforming corporate cultures and expanding multinational teams and portfolios. David has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and an MBA from Warwick Business School in England. The IFO Group The IFO Group offers comprehensive consulting expertise in the following core categories: litigation and catastrophic investigation; technical and engineering services; occupational health and safety services; training and staffing services, and risk assessments and auditing. IFO Group staff are experienced in managing catastrophic incidents from the immediate aftermath, including coordinating with regulatory agencies, serving as project managers for demolition and site clearing as well as evidence collection and retention in the event of future litigation. They also serve as testifying experts for cases ranging from transportation mishaps to occupational injuries and fatalities to fires and explosions. Hearing Conservation, Respirable Silica Management and Office Ergonomics. We have a reputation for delivering costeffective and impactful training tailored to all levels of the workforce with clear metrics for progress tracking. Our team emphasises interactive environments with as much hands-on practical learning as possible. IFO Group trainers can also offer prepared courses and custom packages ranging in length from 20-minute computer-based sessions to comprehensive 80-hour courses of over two weeks. These classes can be taught at our facilities, at a location convenient for the client or delivered as computer-based modules within a learning management system (LMS). Do you have any closing thoughts on catastrophic events and incident management? When your client experiences a major catastrophic event such as a fire or loss of life, they rely on legal counsel’s advice and expertise to help them navigate through a difficult situation. In most situations, your client has never experienced a major loss event and they do not know where to even start, so they turn to you. Lawyers are trusted experts who can provide guidance on the appropriate steps to take during this challenging time. This is where we can help by partnering with you. The IFO Group is comprised of diversified experts in catastrophic events and incident management. We have experience managing and investigating some of the most significant catastrophic events, fires and explosions that have occurred this past decade. Get to know us before you need us. Please contact us so we may discuss how we can be your expert partner when your client calls you at 2 AM and tells you their whole world just came undone. 82 WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM | APR 2022 EXPERT WITNESS

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