Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

immediate cause might fix the symptom of the specific incident but not the issue itself. Uncovering the systematic issues related to the incident rather than just the surface cause will successfully prevent reoccurrence. Step 5 – Reporting & Implementation of Corrective Action Plan. Once the analysis is complete, the IFO Group creates structured reports and presents findings with recommended changes to client stakeholders. We then work with the client to implement recommendations. It is important to partner with the owner/ operator and legal representation and perform services under privilege both effectively and in a timely manner. What is themost rewardingwork your firm has undertaken? The IFO Group can make a significant impact with the type of incident that starts out as a horrific catastrophic event involving injury, loss of life or significant damage to assets. Immediately following the incident, an organisation and its employees are emotionally distressed and wary to return to the jobsite for fear of another incident. Our team of experts are experienced in helping keep the team calm and focused while establishing a crisis management plan and setting steps quickly into motion. Once that plan is in place, we then work 81 APR 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM EXPERT WITNESS diligently to create a workplace where safety is top of mind. It is very rewarding to watch an organisation shift their mindset around safety and change their culture from an organisation where safety was talked about to one where safety “is who we are”. Risk mitigation and a safety-first workplace become engrained in the organisational culture. That shift in perspective is so rewarding to watch happen. It is important to remember that finding the immediate cause might fix the symptom of the specific incident but not the issue itself.

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