Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

financing requirements. We also must comply with privacy legislation and ensure that we use and protect personal information correctly. We must ensure that we follow the requirements of anti-spam legislation and follow each country’s competition laws. Health and safety law also differs within each jurisdiction that we operate in and is vital for a successful real estate company that specialises in every aspect of this industry. Qualico is a fully integrated real estate company that does everything from purchasing and developing land to providing materials and managing our extensive commercial portfolio. People 75 APR 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM THOUGHT LEADER - ALISON MCCULLOUGH-BUTCHART Contact Alison McCullough-Butchart, GC, Qualico Developments Canada Ltd 1 Dr. David Friesen Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0G8 Tel: +1 204-255-9777 | E: Alison McCullough-Butchart I am General Counsel at Qualico. Our head office is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with offices across Western Canada and Texas, USA. Qualico Qualico is an industry-leading integrated real estate company operating in eight cities with nearly 2,000 employees across North America. Established in Winnipeg in 1951, we have years of long-term expertise, trusted financial partnerships and a strong mix of diversified business verticals: single-family and multi-family homes, community and commercial development, building materials supply and services, build-to-sell projects and property management. are key to any corporation’s success and finding and retaining the right people has always been important to Qualico. Our human resource specialists and Safety Officers located in every jurisdiction that we operate in are vital to Qualico’s continued success. Can you tell us about compliance failures that most commonly occur in multinational companies? When a corporation operates across national and international borders it is important to monitor jurisdictional differences in these key compliance areas and ensure that any differences are addressed. The different requirements for document execution, identification verification and real estate closings are the most common issues that arise in our experience. It is important that documents and instructions are interpreted under the proper “lens” for the country involved. It is also important to keep up to date with changing areas of the law and frequently review corporate policies and practices to ensure that they are compliant with the law. How did you and your team work to ensure adequate compliance across the organisation’s multi-jurisdictional locations? Communication is so important with a corporation the size of Qualico. The senior executive team are in constant communication with each other and are excellent at identifying what needs to be discussed and how to deal with issues as they arise. We have a great team that The General Counsel role has evolved from drafting contracts and advising on legal matters to a strategic position at the decision-making table.

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