Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM | APR 2022 74 THOUGHT LEADER - ALISON MCCULLOUGH-BUTCHART General Counsel: Delivering Cross-Border Compliance in Large Organisations The role of a General Counsel is one that demands specialised knowledge necessary for guiding a company’s legal activities. This is especially true in large and cross-border organisations, where multiple legal codes may need to be taken into account. Alison McCullough-Butchart, General Counsel at Qualico, explains in greater depth below. legal changes throughout Canada’s western provinces and have key relationships with outside legal counsel in these cities. We also have offices in Texas and have been growing successfully in the US since launching in that region. The legal systems in Canada and the US are of course different. This requires me to have strong connections with US attorneys to ensure that we comply with the jurisdictional differences that arise in our business. What are the key national and state-level regulations that must be observed as part of Qualico’s work? The key areas of regulation fall under financial transactions, privacy legislation, health and safety laws, human resource services and competition laws. These can fall under federal and provincial jurisdiction in Canada, and at the federal and state level in the US. As a corporation handling large value transactions, we must monitor financial transactions to ensure that we are complying with antimoney laundering and anti-terrorist This includes privacy legislation and regulatory requirements. As Qualico operates in both Canada and the US, how does this international aspect impact your work? I am required to keep up to date with Can you tell us a little about your roles as General Counsel and privacy and compliance officer at Qualico and how they intersect? As General Counsel I oversee Qualico’s law department, reporting to President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Van. As a practising lawyer I provide advice across multiple areas of law. This varies from corporate and commercial law, real estate law, labour and employment law, all areas of litigation, and immigration law. I primarily advise the President and CEO along with other senior executives. As part of the management team, I incorporate legal obligations into the management decisions that the corporation makes on a daily basis. As General Counsel my legal role extends to also include the role of privacy and compliance officer. I ensure that Qualico functions within privacy laws and complies with regulatory compliance. These roles seamlessly interact with each other because within my role as General Counsel I monitor legislation and regulations relevant to the corporation. I am required to keep up to date with legal changes throughout Canada’s western provinces and have key relationships with outside legal counsel in these cities.

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