Lawyer Monthly - February 2022

53 FEB 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM Write a script. Some people may be lucky enough to simply improvise and produce engaging, funny and enlightening content. Sadly, it does not quite come that naturally for the majority of us. This is where a script helps. Much like writing good content, concentrate on matching what you are saying to your video topic and hone it to contain the information your audience wants in an entertaining manner. Put time into production. In order for your video to appeal, it is worth putting in a little bit of effort when it comes to recording. Modern camera phones will do a perfectly good job of recording the video in high quality, but if you are talking to the camera (and depending on how professional you want it to look), it may be worth looking at getting a tripod. Make sure the microphone records sound clearly; no one likes a video where you cannot hear what is being said. Lastly, pay attention to the lighting. You do not have to spend a fortune on a lighting rig, but do make sure the room you are shooting in is well-lit. Make it look good. Once you have shot your video, you need to edit it and make it look great. The good news is that what was once a Herculean task out of reach for many of us is now simple thanks to a variety of online video tools and even native editing features within many social media channels. Popular tools for editing on the fly which allow you to include your company logo and add titles and music include Invideo, Biteable and Wevideo. These can elevate your video content to a whole new level for a small monthly fee. Distribute it where it needs to be. After going to all the effort of making a great video, do not simply pop it online in a random place. Use the correct channels! If you have created an irreverent jokey take on a legal matter, think about putting it on social media. If it is more serious, then get it on your website as well. And do not overlook YouTube; it remains one of the world’s biggest search engines with over 3 billion searches per month and a major channel that you need to be using to distribute your videos. What about audio? If you are getting into video, then we would also strongly urge you to consider audio. Audio content is on the rise. In fact, if recent trends continue, podcasts in the UK alone are tipped to reach 20 million listeners per month by 2024, which is why you should be considering getting into the space early. Similarly to video, the idea will be similar: if you create audio content that matches your target audiences intent and queries then you will undoubtedly begin to gain traction. Again, contrary to what many people think, you can create great audio content with nothing more than a smartphone, but getting a mic is not a bad idea either. Another option for doing a podcast is to record your Zoom chat and use the audio from that. If you are struggling for topics, use the video planner above. Consider podcasts that inform your target customers, such as Q&A interviews on subjects that will help to educate listeners. If you do not have the stamina for podcasts, that does not mean you should simply discount audio as a channel for lead generation. Audio adverts are also on the rise and, much like many other channels, can be targeted. 74% of adults aged 18 to 54 are streaming news, podcasts and music each month, so there is a very rich vein of advertising potential to tap into.

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