Lawyer Monthly - February 2022

54 WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM | FEB 2022 UseData toHelpYour MarketingStrategy Finding out who needs to see your adverts could be the difference between wasting money and delivering new clients. For many, marketing can be overwhelming at the best of times, and when you introduce a plethora of statistics, measurements and data it becomes insurmountable. But with 90% of leading marketers saying that personalisation contributes to profitability it is clear that taking the time to analyse and use data to drive your campaigns is key to a successful legal marketing strategy. In fact, according to Forbes, companies harnessing data-driven marketing are six times more profitable than those who are not. Clearly, it is time to embrace the data to win more clients. But how do you go about using data to get the most out of your marketing? Set goals for your data-drivenmarketing campaign. As with every other marketing campaign, you need a goal. Otherwise, you will just be collecting data for no reason. Setting your goal to match the data allows you to collect the right information, which will inform your next steps and show where to look and what insights you will need to run a successful campaign. For example, think of last month’s example of a divorce lawyer in London. If you want to plan a marketing campaign, you could massively improve performance by seeking out the historical data of when people are most likely to file for divorce. Do more women instigate it more often than men? What is the most common age of people filing for divorce in your location? All of these answers can help to give you insight and mould your campaign. Use data to gain insight into your target audience. Whether you realise it or not, your law firm will already be collecting a wealth of data on your current and potential clients that you can use to shape your marketing campaigns. If you know that 95% of your existing clients live within a 15-mile radius of your law firm, then why would you waste budget on national campaigns? Use data from your CRM to create customer profiles and then implement them into your marketing plans. Most marketing channels now have simple yet unbelievably advanced tools to allow you to target your potential customers. Finding out who needs to see your adverts could be the difference between wasting money and delivering new clients. Do not ignore insights and analytics – use them. It is not just the CRM that can help you find out more about your customers. If you have a website and social media channels, you already have access to a myriad of data points on your customers. This can seem overwhelming, but do not be put off. Google Analytics is free and contains a wealth of information on your website that is a lot easier to find than you may

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