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Strategically Using Legal Entities to Protect Assets

28th February 2023
For those with substantial estates to protect, legal entities present a valuable method for safeguarding one’s assets.
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Begin Your House-Hunting Adventures with These Essential Tips

14th February 2023
Are you ready to embark on a house-hunting journey?
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French and International Property and Tax Matters in 2023

31st January 2023
French real estate and tax law can be a multifaceted subject, relying on tax structures that are distinct from peer nations.
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How to Close Real Estate Deals in Florida

19th December 2022
Florida is home to some of the most highly sought-after real estate in the US – a market that has seen seismic changes amid pandemic measures and inflation.
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What Are My Rights As A Landlord If Someone Dies In My Property?

17th November 2022
If you own enough rental properties, a tenant will eventually die in your buildings.
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Deposit Protection Schemes – What Landlords and Tenants Should Know About

17th November 2022
You can find all the information you need regarding tenancy deposits and deposit protection plans in this article. So keep reading!
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Trump Family Sued for ‘Exaggerating Net Worth by Billiions’

22nd September 2022
Trump and his children have been accused of ‘persistent and staggering’ fraud in the name of inflating their personal net worth.
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