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DOJ Takes On Google in Groundbreaking Monopoly Lawsuit

13th September 2023
A federal judge has started hearing claims from the DOJ and states that Google abused its power as a tech monopoly over online search engine services.
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Google Tentatively Settles States' Play Store Antitrust Case

6th September 2023
On 4 September, Google tentatively settled a class action lawsuit alleging that its US Play Store violated federal antitrust rules by overcharging customers.
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How Electrical Injury Cases Are Litigated

31st August 2023
Electrocution is a safety hazard present in many workplaces and construction sites, and is consequently a frequent cause of personal injury litigation.
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Important Things You Should Know About Trust Litigation Cases

29th August 2023
Trust litigation cases can be some of the most complex matters one can face in a court of law.
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Appeals Lawyer: Strategising Your Case for the Best Possible Outcome

17th August 2023
In the realm of legal battles, the journey doesn't always conclude with the final verdict.
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The Role of International Law Firms in Facilitating Cross-Border Transactions 

1st August 2023
Did you know that cross-border transactions have witnessed an exponential increase in recent years?
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Why is Family Mediation Training Essential?

31st July 2023
Family mediation is crucial for redressing a rising number of acrimonious family breakdowns – and so too is effective training for family mediators.
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