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High Court Confirms That the Role of the Courts Is Not to “Discover, Uncover, Or Declare 'The Truth'”

29th August 2019
The recent High Court judgment in Graham Frederick John Auliffe and ors v Susan Ellis [2019] EWHC 1427 (QB) clarified that the role of the court in disputes is not to simply determine the truth but “to identify what needs to be proved, by whom, upon the basis of a correct identification and analysis of the legal rules governing the case; and then to form a judgment”.
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Is There Such a Thing as a Freelance Lawyer?

28th August 2019
The world of work is changing and flexibility appears to be the way of the future. A major cause of this shift is the increase in efficiency of remote working methods over recent years - plus, the rise of an on-demand culture has resulted in more and more occurrences of professionals choosing their own hours to fit around their lifestyle.
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Law Firms Are Losing Thousands on Missed Client Calls

23rd August 2019
Law firms miss 15% of all calls – a figure that often doubles during the summer months as departments are under-resourced while staff are on leave – according to research from Moneypenny.
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Why Law Firm BD Is Changing for the Better

15th August 2019
BD was always seen as unnecessary for a top-tier firm with a reputation that speaks for itself. Undoubtedly, we have moved on from this as most international law firms now have well-resourced and competent BD & Marketing functions.
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Is True Wisdom at Work in the Law?

14th August 2019
Life at work – including for those in the legal profession – is getting more ever more complicated and pressured, with multiple demands on our attention and energy.
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Judicial Review vs Mediation

13th August 2019
The Court of Appeal has recently provided a reminder of the importance of pursuing and exhausting alternative dispute resolution remedies to try to resolve a dispute before going down the judicial review path. that failure to do so can have huge costs implications for clients.
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Why Do You Need Legal Malpractice Insurance?

5th August 2019
Working as a lawyer means there’s always a risk of things getting ugly.
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