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What Are Common Consumer Rights Violations in California?

19th December 2023
In California, where the marketplace is vast and diverse, consumers are safeguarded by laws designed to ensure fair and honest business practices.
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Popular Payment Systems For An Online Store On Shopify

9th November 2023
When developing a website on the Shopify platform, setting up payment is one of the main stages of launching an online store.
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Virgin Media Faces Scrutiny over Broadband Contract Terms

1st November 2023
Virgin Media, a major player in the UK telecom industry, is under increasing pressure as a consumer advocate Which? raises urgent concerns regarding the legality of its broadband contracts.
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Unravelling Cartel Investigations in the EU 

30th October 2023
In addition to dawn raids, competition authorities will gather information through extensive requests for information as well as interviews with relevant individuals...
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Trading while Insolvent: What are the Legal Consequences Directors can Face? 

30th October 2023
An insolvent company is not necessarily doomed to failure. Insolvency is not always permanent and there are a range of formal rescue and recovery options available which can facilitate a successful turnaround of a financially distressed business...
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Why Consultancy Will Become Increasingly Important in the Years to Come

24th October 2023
The consultancy business is enjoying a protracted boom period.
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Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling to Merge

13th October 2023
Partnerships at global law firms Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling have voted almost unanimously in favour of merging to create A&O Shearman.
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