Protests around the world for Gaza

Protests around the world for Gaza

Around the world demonstrations are taking place in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza specifically in University campuses.

In Australia 7 universities have held protests including Sydney and Queensland. Universities in the UK such as Newcastle, Leeds, Bristol and other have held sit in. Universities around the world are taking after one another in India, Lebanon, France and others.

These protests consist of sit ins and many pitching tents on their campuses and refusing to relocate.


Why are they Protesting?

The students fight for their universities to cut off any partnerships they have with companies with ties to Israel. Many universities conduct business with companies like military manufacturers who supply weapons to Israel.

‘Around 100 US colleges have reported gifts or contracts from Israel totalling $375m (£300m) over the past two decades, according to the Education Department database.’


The threatened attack on Rafah, were many are located trying to flee the conflict whilst on the brink of starvation and cruelty has spurred these demonstrations further.

Their demands of several protests also include advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza.


Reaction to the protests.

In the US over 2000 people have been arrested at campuses causing debates over their rights to protest, free speech as well as accusations of antisemitism.

During the Colombia University protest a policeman fired his gun in the hall whilst clearing the demonstration with no casualties. This was said to be an accident and is under review.

In France, the demonstration at the University of Sorbonne was cleared by the police as well as CNN reporting video footage of officers dragging two students out of tents and along the ground. Others continued the protest inside the university and the reaction was the campus closing.

In Canada the Quebec Court rejected an injunction request that would have forced the protestors to vacate the premises allowing the demonstrations to continue. Protest have also been carried out in Toronto, Vancouver and others. According to CBC news.


Opposition to the protests

Several Jewish students have expressed their counter protests saying the feel they are directing antisemitism making them feel unsafe at their universities.

The Union of Jewish Students issued a statement which explains their feelings towards the recent demonstrations labelling them as “the continuous torrent of antisemitic hatred on campus.” This groups represents 9000 Jewish Students in the UK and Ireland stated that,

“While students have a right to protest, these encampments create a hostile and toxic atmosphere on campus for Jewish students.”


What do you think of the recent protests in support of Gaza?

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