Bail Hearing to be remote

Bail hearings to be remote

Bail hearings going remote


Since 2020 Courts have been adapting and updating, first to remain effective during COVID and now to continue the pattern of efficiency and cost reduction using advanced technology.

Lord Chancellor, Alex Chalk welcomed the changes made on the 29th April in the UK to the judiciary’s case management revival handbook which now states attendance through video link will be used when applicable.


When will this be used?

Remote hearings will be used when…

  • The defendant is attending by prison video-link
  • Ground rules Hearings
  • Custody time limit extensions
  • Uncontested POCAs
  • Hearing involving short legal argument


The benefits of remote hearings

  • Saving on transport costs to the court.
  • Saving time as remote hearing will be quicker as well as more hearing will be able to get done in a day.
  • Getting through the backlog.
  • This will free up the time of Judges to allow for other responsibilities to be prioritised too.


Law Society report that remote hearings have already been successful in many areas including…

  • Simple hearings with only judges and advocates
  • Cases with sophisticated parties and legal entities
  • Technical and or administrative proceedings


There are some areas which remote hearings are not compatible…
  • Tribunals
  • Criminal, county and family court
  • Where parties involved are vulnerable in any way, e.g. disabled, elderly, experience with trauma.



Services in place for support

To ensure accuracy and efficiency with remote hearings there are services in place to support those having to use the new system.

  • Virtual consultation rooms
  • Built in guidance for court users
  • On demand support for participants to sign in and to help with any connection issues
  • Interpretation available for anyone in need of a translator
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