5 Best Expungement Lawyers in Florida (2024 Updated)

5 Best Expungement Lawyers in Florida (2024 Updated)

We examine the five best expungement lawyers in Floria.

Companies and banks often do background checks on their applicants or clients, and if one has a criminal record, a plausible assumption that the person is unreliable takes place. Thus, looking for jobs, or life in general, is much more difficult because of the stigma surrounding people with criminal records. 

But one should not be held back by their past. Take the chance to seek help from some of the best expungement lawyers in Florida to help you eradicate your criminal records for good.

5 Best Expungement Lawyers in Florida 

Eligibility and the State are some of the considerations for expungement of records. Therefore, a lawyer is crucial for such a process. Introducing the best expungement lawyers in Florida. These experts boast exceptional track records and dedication to helping clients achieve clean records:

David Weisselberger

David Weisselberger, founder of Erase the Case, is a seasoned expert in Florida expungement law. With a wealth of experience and a history of successful outcomes, he is committed to guiding clients through achieving a clean record. 

Weisselberger offers personalized attention, ensuring clients receive expert guidance and support at every stage. His dedication to excellence and unwavering advocacy make him a trusted choice for individuals seeking to clear their criminal records in Florida.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the best Florida expungement attorneys, an exceptional in his field. So, entrust your legal problems to our top-of-the-line lawyer for your ease of mind. 

Amy Genevieve Guin 

Amy Genevieve Guin has worked on criminal defence from the start of her career but does expungement work effectively. She is compassionate and empathetic to other people, dedicated to her craft, and works hard for those who put their faith in her. 

With all her experience, entrusting your criminal records would be a smart move. The legalities will be easy for you, making her a perfect choice to advocate your rights.

Jeffery Lotter

Entrusting the expungement complexities to Lotter will give you peace of mind. Lotter is an exceptional criminal defence attorney who defended many clients, from traffic violations to criminal charges. 

The National DUI instructor who spent most of his career dealing with traffic offences and has tirelessly advocated for the rights and safety of the people, Lotter can surely help you with your expungement records. He is an understanding person towards his client who will utilize his skills to help you reclaim your life.

Michael Adam Haber

Michael A. Haber prioritizes advocating for clients’ rights and providing high-quality legal representation and counsel, whether the cases are in state or federal courts. Haber is the best choice if you’re seeking legal representation, as he respects his clients and understands. 

Part of his job is encountering people from all walks of life. He makes sure that his clients feel welcome as he accommodates anyone. Your records are taken care of. His reputation alone tells you that you can openly talk about your records, and he can help you process and deal with the legal approaches. 

Douglas Jay Rudman

Certain states implement rules on a person’s eligibility for expungement and what type of information you can remove from the state’s database. One of the 5 best expungement lawyers in Florida, Douglas Jay Rudman is a highly experienced and accomplished criminal defence attorney in South Florida. And also well-versed with the rules of the state. 

His background and achievements suggest that he is a dedicated and skilled advocate for his clients, committed to protecting their rights and achieving favourable outcomes in their cases. If you need a representation for the expungement of your records in South Florida, Mr. Rudman may be a valuable resource.

How Long Does An Expungement Take In Florida?

Expungement of records in Florida can take up to 5-7 months but could reach up to 9 months due to the following:

  • complexity of the case
  • workload of the court system
  • adherence to procedural requirements

It is best to opt for a lawyer to speed up the process and do it accurately, giving you a better success rate.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Record Expunged In Florida?

So, how much does expungement cost in Florida? Securing the services of a qualified legal professional to guide you through your expungement process is crucial. 

Florida expungement lawyer costs $995 minimum cost for an expungement in Florida. This charge covers the professional knowledge needed to handle the legalities of expungement.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Expunge My Record In Florida?

While getting a lawyer for expungement in Florida is not strictly imposed, having legal representation can benefit you throughout the expungement process. 

Expungement lawyers help their clients start a new life by eradicating their criminal records through expungement. Your lawyer will assist you through the following:

  • Legal expertise
  • Eligibility assessment 
  • Document preparation
  • Court representation
  • Protection of your rights

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