Viriato Capital acquires Effisus

Viriato Capital acquires Effisus

Effisus develops and sells integrated solutions for civil construction to promote the energy efficiency of buildings and guarantee the tightness and fire protection of facades and roofs.

This acquisition falls within the scope of Viriato Capitals strategy and aims to enhance the company’s growth, strengthening its position in the current markets and encouraging the opening of additional markets.

Viriato Capital plans to support Effisus in the development of solutions that will contribute to greater sustainable energy efficiency in buildings and consequent preservation of the environment. Viriato Capital received legal advice from CCSL Asvogados and also included a team from Farrer & Co.

The founders of Effisus were advised by law firm Teixeira & Guimaraes – Sociedade de Advogadosas, as well as the consultancy firm, Hub Advisory, who acted as M&A advisors.


Q&A with Santiago Real de Asua


Santiago, can you provide more details on this acquisition, what were the roles for your team and how did this acquisition come to fruition?

Hub Advisory Partners has been advising Effisus on finding and executing the best strategy to address the future for both shareholders and the company. The company has enormous potential both in terms of its portfolio of solutions and products, its approach to the market, its geographic locations and market expectations. Our role has focused on managing the entire process, addressing potential investors, qualifying the project, negotiating the conditions and closing the deal.


What are some of the common problems that Business owners and CEO’s are facing currently and how do you offer solutions for these, did any of these challenges arise during this project?

Identifying the challenges of both shareholders and companies and translating them into realistic and executable strategies is the first step to address the different challenges to be faced within this kind of process. How to approach growth in a sustainable way, how to finance it, both organically and non-organically and how to integrate different cultures from shareholders to the organisation. These are very common challenges, which we address on a bespoke basis for every project. This deal has been very intensive from a cultural fit standpoint, aligning long term interest for both parties required a lot of fine tuning so all pieces fit together.


How did the decision for Viriato Capital to continue development started by Effisus for a future of sustainable energy efficiency in buildings come to be made and how will this be carried out?

The potential of Effisus’ solutions for commercial buildings is huge, and its geographical footprint with premises in the UK, EU and Middle East are an outstanding platform to leverage growth. Its business model will require a considerable reinforcement of commercial and technical support teams.

Viriato is aware of both the opportunity and the challenges to be faced and has already outlined an ambitious plan to be executed in the upcoming years.


Why do you believe it is important to you and a value at HUB Advisory to create long-term relationships with clients, why is this required for the success of a project and for the client’s business?

Our business relationships are based on an exquisite knowledge of our clients’ needs and expectations, allowing us to execute transactions and strategies in a very realistic way; Trust Building. Trust is very important due to the very intimate nature of the projects we execute. As an independent firm, our professional advice is sometimes not fully aligned with the shareholders or management conventional wisdom, and we need credibility and trust to share our thoughts regardless our clients view on the matter.


What are your hopes for HUB Advisory and how do projects like this support the growth of your firm as well as supporting the client?

Our expectation is to continue to maintain high value-added relationships with our clients. HUB advisory follows a “boutique” approach, and we take great care and attention to our relationships and the execution of our engagements. We invest a lot of time with our younger associates, so this culture permeates and is perceived by our clients from our whole team.

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