How to Handle Wrongful Death Lawsuits

How to Handle Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The loss of a loved one ranks among the most heartrending experiences an individual can confront.

The pain intensifies when such a loss is attributed to someone else’s carelessness or malicious acts. Legal proceedings termed wrongful death cases enable the bereaved family members to claim compensation for their dear one’s demise if it was instigated by another person’s negligence or deliberate harm. 

While these cases can bestow a feeling of justice and monetary assistance to the family, they are intricate and laden with obstacles. This blog will shed light on some prevalent errors individuals and families must avoid while venturing into a wrongful death lawsuit.

Submitting a Lawsuit Within the Appropriate Time Frame

Starting a wrongful death lawsuit within the designated period, known as the statute of limitations, is among the earliest and most significant actions. In most States, a three-year limit from the date of death is typically imposed on these cases. Failure to initiate the lawsuit within this period could lead to your case being thrown out.

Adhering to these deadlines quickly secures legal assistance. A wrongful death lawyer from firms like Burnett Law can aid you in navigating the legal system, guarantee that all essential paperwork is correctly submitted, and help meet important deadlines. Delaying could risk your opportunity to obtain justice and compensation for the loss of your loved one.

Determine Liability

To launch a wrongful death lawsuit against someone, it’s necessary first to establish their guilt. This means showing that the prospective defendant fulfils all the legal conditions for negligence, such as:

● The defendant was obligated to behave with due care.

● The defendant neglected this duty either by failing to act or by committing an intentional act.

● The defendant’s failure to uphold their duty resulted in the injury which caused the death of the deceased

Collecting Adequate Evidence

The success of a wrongful death claim is largely dependent on the power of the evidence shown. Gather enough evidence to back your case. This is key to creating a convincing argument. Such evidence ranges from :

● Witness testimonials

● Medical histories

● Incident reports

● Expert analysis

Failure to record the incident site, obtain testimonials from witnesses, or protect important pieces of evidence could compromise your case. A wrongful death lawyer, with expertise and resources, can assist you in effectively compiling and keeping evidence intact, making sure no detail is missed in the drive for justice.

Send a Letter of Demand

A lawyer could initiate the settlement by sending a demand letter in certain circumstances. This is an official correspondence from one party to another requesting compensation to rectify an injustice in a conflict. These letters are typically received by insurance companies who may not concur with the terms outlined in the demand letter, leading to the commencement of negotiations.

Both parties will strive to reach a just settlement amount at this juncture. If, after numerous negotiations, they cannot find common ground, the plaintiff can lodge a lawsuit and proceed to trial to seek sufficient financial redress.

Dodge Early Settlements

Insurance firms frequently rush to resolve wrongful death claims, proposing initial settlements that could be significantly lower than what you’re rightfully owed. It’s critical not to succumb to the temptation of accepting an early settlement as this could hinder you from pursuing the compensation your family genuinely needs.

The allure of an early settlement can be strong, particularly in the face of financial constraints or emotional turmoil. Engage a seasoned personal injury lawyer to evaluate the offer’s validity and guide you on the most appropriate next steps.


The loss of a loved one as a result of someone else’s neglect or unlawful actions is emotionally wrenching. Undertaking a wrongful death legal pursuit is a means to claim justice. It also imposes responsibility on the culpable parties and garners financial backing for your family in this taxing period. Avoid habitual blunders in wrongful death cases for a triumphant resolution. If you unfortunately find yourself in such a scenario, consult with a lawyer who has extensive experience in wrongful death cases.

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