Alan Bates calls for the redress process to speed up

Redress for Post Office victims could take years

The case of providing the victims of the Post Office and Horizon scandal compensation has been ongoing and remains in this state. Alan Bates appeared today, the 27th February to provide evidence to MPs on the need for justice for the victims and their families.

Bates highlighted the importance to speed up the scheme and proposed that people are given a supplementary amount whilst they wait for the process to be completed.

“It’s financial redress. This is money these people are actually owed”

They were also joined by James Hartley of Freeths and Dr Neil Hudgell, the executive chariman of Hudgell Solicitors, as both are dealing with a large number of the branch operators and acting on behalf of the victims.

Hartley explained that the process of the Post Office disclosing their evidence is delaying action greatly.

As well as waiting for the Post Office to provide justice there has also been discussion of whether Fujitsu, the creators of the Horizon system will provide redress.

They have set up a GLO scheme, where claimants can choose this avenue to compensation. As well as this, an Overturned Convictions Scheme is also available where members will receive payments while final settlements are processed.

It has also been stated that, legislation to clear wrongly convicted sub-postmasters is also expected to be brought forward next month.

Both lawyers agreed an estimate of 1-2 years before all victims are properly compensated.

Various individuals were called on including Nick Read, the current Post Office CEO as he updated MPs on the progress to redress victims. Mr Read argues for the change he has brought to the Post Office and for the postmasters to rebuild the trust however, the slow action to bring justice for the former postmasters was in question.

It could be quite some time for the victims to receive correct justice as organisations and MPs discuss the process and the fate of those who are waiting for what is owed to them.


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