Macquarie Asset Management’s sale of CEZ Vanzare to Premier

Macquarie Asset Management’s sale of CEZ Vanzare to Premier Energy

As part of its business expansion, Premier Energy, one of Romania’s leading natural gas suppliers and distributors, has made a strategic acquisition of CEZ Vanzare from Macquarie Asset Management.

CEZ Vanzare is a Romanian electricity distributor with over 1.4 million household and non-household customers and is owned by Macquarie Asset Management. CEZ Vânzare’s strategy will remain dedicated to the needs of its customer and will be focused on the activity of supplying electricity and natural gases.

Premier Energy is part of Czech private equity fund Emma Capital and is one of the biggest suppliers and distributors of natural gas in Romania.

Bohalțeanu și Asociații (BSMP), led by Partners Ionut Bohalteanu and Silvia Sandu, advised Premier Energy during this deal and supported the purchase of CEZ Vanzare.

“The acquisition of CEZ Vanzare by Premier Energy was a milestone achievement for our team. Collaborating closely with professionals from all relevant parties, we endeavoured to meticulously orchestrate our efforts, thereby ensuring the successful completion of the transaction.”

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