Global Excel and WeeCompany forge an InsurTech Powerhouse in

Global Excel and WeeCompany forge an InsurTech Powerhouse in Mexico

Mexico City – E&M Business Lawyers, S.C. (EMLaw), a distinguished law firm renowned for its expertise in M&A, venture capital, corporate, and transactional law, played a pivotal role in guiding WeeSystems SAPI de CV (WeeCompany) through a landmark merger with Global Excel, resulting in the establishment of a groundbreaking InsurTech venture in the bustling heart of Mexico City.

In this strategic partnership, EMLaw’s highly skilled legal team, led by founding partner Edgar L. Espejel M., provided expert counsel and intricate transactional support to WeeCompany, reaffirming EMLaw’s commitment to excellence in corporate law. With a longstanding advisory relationship dating back to 2018, EMLaw has consistently delivered exceptional legal guidance to WeeCompany, fostering a bond built on trust and exceptional results.

WeeCompany, a dynamic frontrunner in the realms of HealthTech and InsurTech, has garnered acclaim for its trailblazing technological models deployed within the healthcare sector via innovative digital platforms. This strategic merger heralds a new era for WeeCompany, marked by the acquisition of a substantial portion of its equity by Global Excel, a globally renowned provider of healthcare risk management solutions.

The newly formed entity, headquartered in Mexico City, has taken shape as “Servicios de Administración en Salud Wee, SAPI de CV” (WeeMedic), a third-party administrator where Global Excel assumes a commanding majority stake. WeeMedic stands poised to revolutionize the healthcare landscape, leveraging automated digital healthcare management tools that fuse Global Excel’s extensive healthcare risk management acumen with WeeCompany’s prowess in software and systems solutions.

EMLaw’s involvement in this transformative endeavor underscores the firm’s commitment to facilitating innovation and fostering growth within the Mexican business arena. EMLaw serves not just as legal advisors but as strategic partners to its clients’ journeys to success.

In celebrating this momentous achievement, heartfelt appreciation is extended to the dedicated teams at WeeCompany and Global Excel. Together, they have given rise to an InsurTech powerhouse poised to redefine healthcare administration not only within Mexico but on a global scale.

For unmatched legal excellence and strategic counsel, companies and entrepreneurs alike continue to place their trust in E&M Business Lawyers, S.C. where success is a shared vision.


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