Reggio Calabria’s Restart from the Serie D Football Champion

Reggio Calabria’s Restart from the Serie D Football Championship 

Libra Legal Partners: Leading Reggina’s Resurgence in Italian Football 

Libra Legal Partners played a crucial role as legal advisors to a consortium of Italian entrepreneurs in the acquisition of Reggio Calabria’s football team. This significant transaction marked the beginning of a new era for the team, with Libra Legal Partners at the forefront. 

Under La Fenice Amaranto’s (LFA) banner, the consortium successfully secured the franchise to compete in the Italian Serie D. 

This transaction paved the way for a fresh start as the team embraced its new identity under the LFA management.  

The legal intricacies were skillfully navigated, and the franchise was promptly registered with the Italian National Football Federation (FIGC), ensuring its participation in the 2023/2024 LND League. 

 At the helm of this remarkable journey was Libra’s managing partner, Ferruccio M. Sbarbaro, leading a dedicated team including Saverio Bellocchio and Claudio Caldara. Their expertise and dedication were integral to the successful completion of this transformative venture. 



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