Protecting Your Rights as You Age

Protecting Your Rights as You Age

Getting older can hold a number of concerns for some people.

The most obvious worry is that they will be dealing with significant health issues as their body declines and their mind starts to degenerate. But another significant concern is the ability to stand up for yourself as you age.

Elderly populations are among the most vulnerable groups in our society. Often, times change quickly, and they may not be able to adapt as fast as younger generations can. This can put them at risk of others taking advantage of them or disregarding their needs.

For this reason, you may be worried about getting older because you understand that you will be more vulnerable. Here are a few strategies to help you protect your rights as you get older so that you can continue to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Planning Retirement

All your life, you have worked to earn an income. When those days felt long and exhausting, the idea of retirement sounded incredibly appealing. For a long time, retirement felt like a distant dream, but now you have gotten closer to this big transition. Planning is the key to having a successful retirement. While you should also look ahead to how you will spend your time, it is crucial to focus on your finances. Meeting with a financial advisor is a great way to get ahead of your retirement planning. This person can meet with you to discuss what level of income you can expect from social security and retirement accounts, ensuring that you will receive what you are entitled to. They can also advise you on additional steps that must be taken.

Having Healthcare Insurance Ready

Increasing health needs are a reality of aging that is hard to avoid. Even the healthiest individuals will see changes in their bodies that cannot be avoided simply because we are not designed to last forever. Your muscles, bones, and joints may experience aches and pains. You may be prone to more diseases due to a weakening immune system. Having a plan for your healthcare is important, and insurance is a huge part of that. It might be helpful to work with an elder attorney who can explain elder law and Medicaid to you. This consultancy will help you figure out the best healthcare plan as your needs increase while still maintaining financial health.

Understand Veteran Benefits

Many of those in the elder community may have served the country at some point in their lives. If this is the case, you have additional rights to certain benefits that most citizens do not. For example, when buying a house, you could take advantage of VA loans for better terms on your mortgage. Additionally, if you experienced a service-related disability, then you can file a claim for healthcare benefits. If this claim is denied, then you have the right to file an appeal for your denied VA disability claim. VA benefits might be one of your most helpful tools as you get older and face increasing health needs for your service-related disability or just for general healthcare.

Awareness of Nursing Home Abuse

Many older individuals will end up moving into a nursing home or another type of assisted living facility. These facilities are designed to make life easier for those who have greater healthcare needs and may require consistent access to assistance. The problem is that there is room for human error in this equation, and since elderly people are so vulnerable, instances of abuse and neglect can occur. Before you make this move, look into the history of the facility you are considering to find any past incidents. Watch for the signs of neglect or abuse when you visit. If a staff member or fellow resident ever puts you at risk in some way, report the incident and consider contacting a personal injury attorney if damages have resulted from the incident.

Know What Ageism is

Discrimination is against the law in most areas of life. Though most people think of discrimination as being related to race, ethnic background, gender, or sexuality, it can also happen because of age. Elderly individuals could be denied a certain quality of service from a business, depending on how the establishment culture works. You could also lose a job because of your age, miss out on a new credit card, or be refused interest-free credit. These circumstances are all illegal in this country, so taking action to stand up for your rights may be necessary. At the very least, it can prevent this situation from happening to others in the future, and you could win a settlement in the process.

Rights Do Not Change as You Age

Though your life stage will impact the way you exist in society, your age does not make any of your rights disappear all of a sudden. You still have the same rights as everyone else, you just might have to be more vigilant about protecting them as your vulnerability increases with age. Consider these strategies to help you protect your rights as you get older.

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