Singapore Convention Week 2023 - The future of international

Singapore Convention Week 2023 – The future of international dispute resolution

Singapore Convention week is just around the corner, so we address the future of international dispute resolution.

Addressing the future of international dispute resolution at Singapore Convention Week 2023

Globally, businesses, including those in the United Kingdom (UK), are finding it more convenient to collaborate with international partners with digital advancements. While this global connectivity brings numerous benefits, it can also result in more instances of friction. In order to help businesses navigate these challenges, there must be a robust international dispute resolution framework in place, that continually evolves to cater to the changing business environment. 

No two disputes are identical, and the path to resolution can be complex in many different ways. There is a wealth of background and context to consider for each dispute, ranging from economic to cultural to political issues. While litigation is perhaps the most well-known form of dispute resolution, it is not the only approach. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as arbitration and mediation are gaining traction among disputing parties. 

This has been the premise of the Singapore Convention Week (SC Week), a flagship week-long event organised by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (MinLaw), in collaboration with various partner organisations. This event serves as a global platform where legal luminaries and global partners converge, discuss, network, and exchange ideas on the latest trends and developments in international dispute resolution. With the UK recently signing on to the Singapore Convention on Mediation, SC Week 2023 offers invaluable insights for UK businesses and legal professionals with its rich lineup of legal and dispute resolution-oriented events. 

SC Week: the epicentre of expert insights on dispute resolution

Running from 28 August to 1 September 2023, SC Week 2023 features a variety of exciting keynotes, panel discussions, debates, workshops, lectures, networking events, and visits to engage participants from all over the world in exploring what the next stage of dispute resolution will look like and how they can collaborate to contribute to the future of dispute resolution. 

Hailing from a wide range of countries including Singapore and the UK, a diverse group of experts from around the world will share their insights on the latest developments in dispute resolution. Notable speakers include Edwin Tong SC (Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, and Second Minister for Law, Singapore), Anna Joubin-Bret (Secretary of United Nations Commission on International Trade Law), Dr Hab Marcin Czepelak (Secretary-General, Permanent Court of Arbitration), Justice Mata Tuatagaloa (Judge, Supreme Court of Samoa), and many more.  

In the spotlight: UNCITRAL Academy Conference & Capacity-Building Workshops

The headline events of SC Week 2023 are the UNCITRAL Academy Conference and Capacity-Building Workshops, which are co-organised by MinLaw and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). Centred upon the theme of Tomorrow’s World Today: Leading the Future of Dispute Resolution, participants will be able to engage with speakers and peers in reviewing the evolution of dispute resolution and navigating new challenges via panel discussions, fireside chats, debates, and workshops. 

The panel discussions will cover forward-looking topics such as Dispute Resolution in the Digital Economy (DRDE), Investor-State Mediation, Navigating Inter-Cultural Needs in Mediation and Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution in Carbon Markets. These will be complemented by a fireside chat on the Future of International Dispute Settlement Involving States, along with an exciting debate on whether Robots are Better Arbitrators and Mediators than Humans. 

Meanwhile, the UNCITRAL Academy Industry Capacity-Building Workshop, which is open to all attendees, will focus on taking a practical approach to mediation advocacy. Participants can expect to explore case studies and a demonstration on topics such as the importance of mediation advocacy, how to harness advancements in cross-border mediation and how to assess case suitability for mediation, as well as how to identify the ideal modality for mediation to maximise benefits. 

Providing global perspectives and experiences through partner events

Beyond the UNCITRAL Academy Conference and Capacity-Building Workshops, SC Week 2023 also features other key events organised by leading organisations such as the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), the Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC), and the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC). 

Reshaping the future of international dispute resolution

Our world is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. We must be ready to adapt to new ways of communicating and collaborating, which is why it is imperative that our approaches to dispute resolution must also evolve at speed. That is the goal of SC Week 2023 – to equip businesses, societies, and members of the dispute resolution community with the tools and knowledge that they need to face a new world.

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