Five Proven Ways to Increase Your Customer Base

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Posted: 24th August 2023 by
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Last updated 16th July 2024
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Every business on the planet wants to increase its customer base.

With more customers, you get more:


-Brand recognition 

Therefore, when you put it on paper, it makes perfect sense why growing your customer base should be a big priority for your business moving forward. When it comes to actually attracting more customers, many methods have been tried and tested over the years. Which methods are proven to work quickly and effectively? You can find out in this article. 

Whether you’re a small start-up or a big organization that already has an established customer base, here are five proven ways that you can increase your customer base over the next decade. 

#1 - Get a Toll-Free Number 

To get more customers, your customer base needs to be able to easily contact your business. Some of them will prefer to do this through via social media or email, which is fine. However, there are still certain demographics out there, particularly the older generation, who prefer to contact businesses through phone calls. 

Here’s the catch: Customers won’t call you unless you have a toll-free number. No customer wants to call a business and get charged for it — that goes without saying. This is why you should get a toll-free business number from and provide your customers with the opportunity to contact you over the phone for free. 

#2 - Offer Low-Cost or Free Delivery Prices

It’s no secret that online sales are a huge part of running a modern business. Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest factors behind online sales is the delivery price. For example, a customer is significantly more likely to purchase a product from you if it can be delivered at a super-cheap price or completely free. 

The lesson is simple: high delivery costs are a major customer destroyer. If you want to grow your customer base, you need to offer delivery prices that are as low as possible. 

#3 - Use Social Media Marketing 

Next, use social media marketing. 

The main platforms you should be marketing to customers through are:

  • Twitter (now known as X
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • TikTok 

Here, the potential to tap into new customers is endless. To be successful at this, though, you need to post interesting content, such as industry-related blogs and interesting polls. You can even do things like weekly Q&As that are designed to help grow customer knowledge on certain subjects (e.g., health and well-being if your company is in the health industry). 

#4 - Send Personalized Emails

Email marketing has been a real game-changer over the past several years. Specifically, personalized emails. The modern customer loves personalized emails. It makes them feel valued by the brand and they are therefore much more likely to purchase products from them. 

#5 - Provide Incentives 

All year long, make sure that you provide incentives to both existing and potential customers. An excellent example of this is student discounts. If you offer an exciting student discount on your products (e.g., 30%), it’ll attract countless students to your company who weren’t previously interested. 

Do whatever it takes to incentivize your customers. Once their foot is in the door, you can then make lots more sales. 

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