Paolo Aliatis: Business is not for the faint-hearted 

Paolo Aliatis: Business is not for the faint-hearted 

Paolo Aliatis started in business in London during the most tumultuous of times; during the Financial Crisis.

However, as Aliatis puts it “There is no better time to learn and grow in business than when things can’t get any worse.” Paolo has always been nimble and adaptable when it comes to business and business ventures.

From the young age of 10, in his native South America, Paolo Aliatis was already starting and growing small businesses, with a burning passion to do more, be more, and achieve more. He has always enjoyed the thrill and the sheer speed at which all great businesses move, having seen some of his relatives succeed at large global companies when he was young

For Aliatis however, through thick and thin, no matter what the business is and no matter at what point in his life, he has always found ways to venture into fledgling and new areas of business.

Once Paolo was in London, he quickly found a gap in the market in the coliving industry. Working with landlords and people who owned sometimes very large property portfolios, Aliatis was able to help both the property owners and his businesses turn impressive profits with remarkable efficiency.

As Paolo Aliatis puts it: “All businesses start small but the important thing is that they must start. It is easy to get impatient when starting any business venture, but the thing to always remember is that a mighty oak tree grows from a small sapling and a tree bearing enough fruit to feed a village was once just a small seed.”

For Aliatis, the thrill is in the growth of the businesses, ultimately generating pure growth and profits. His belief, perhaps sometimes unpopular in the modern age is that profit makes businesses tick.

Paolo commented: “Profits are a good thing. Any business without profits, whether owned by Paolo Aliatis or anyone else will ultimately end up failing. If you cannot make a business make a true and sustainable profit, you do not have a true business. Whether you are selling chairs and tables or selling high ticket properties and dealing with big landlords, profit will almost always be the driving force towards success.”

Now investing in numerous different projects and helping grow a multitude of different businesses, Aliatis, has no desire to stop performing and working in the business and entrepreneurial world.

As Paolo puts it: “Why would I stop now when there are millions of businesses to run and adventures to have? There are too many problems in the world to solve. Business can come up with the solutions we all need, but it just needs the right environment in which to flourish.”

Paolo Aliatis: Changing Direction and Solving Problems

Business for many, including Aliatis comes down to a core tenet: solving the problems and issues in a particular niche or industry and Aliatis is no different. With healthcare systems around the world, including in the UK still reeling from the effects of a global pandemic, waiting lists have increased whilst access to healthcare has decreased.

His most recent venture in which he has invested both time and money, helps people from all backgrounds and walks of life access healthcare when they need it and where it is done best. 

For Paolo Aliatis, healthcare could not be closer to his heart, son of a doctor he was exposed to medicine and patients since childhood. 

Ultimately though, there is a problem to solve and Paolo is keen to make sure that the problems that exist within the healthcare sector are addressed and solved.

“Healthcare is such an important area, but in the UK in particular, access to private healthcare is limited and can be incredibly expensive. Therefore, we are in the process of building a company which will excitingly, give more people the opportunity to access the healthcare they need, when they need it, and wherever it is done best.” 

Aliatis is keen for everyone to be able to access healthcare efficiently and that is what his recent venture is offering.

Never Be Afraid to Pivot: Break it until you make it.

Whether dealing in property in London or healthcare and logistics around the world, Paolo Aliatis has always proven himself to be nimble and willing to adapt to new challenges, whilst identifying innovative and entrepreneurial solutions.

As Aliatis puts it: “If you never change throughout your whole life, both you and your business mindset will become wholly outdated; it is logical to pivot in business, but never compromise on your principles.”

The next chapter in Paolo Aliatis’ ever-changing life is clear with his move into the healthcare space, slightly pivoting away from the property whilst a new challenge in the market rears its head.

No matter the industry, whether property ventures, gold mines, or access to healthcare, Paolo Aliatis shows no sign of slowing down and no signs of letting up. As long as there are challenges that business can come up with solutions to, Aliatis will be waiting, ready to pounce when the opportunity arises; that after all, is the Paolo Aliatis way when it comes to business.

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