What Evidence Do You Need For Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

What Evidence Do You Need For Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Why do we file a lawsuit? Obviously, for getting the right amount of compensation from the offender as he was responsible for your injuries, financial losses, and mental trauma you have gone through.

The mishap was not your fault so you need not pay anything nor do you need to suffer. However, getting compensation is not an easy task. It takes time and struggle. Yes! You read it right. I’m talking about struggle or efforts to prove your claims. And you can only prove your claims with the help of evidence.

You have indeed faced hardships but you can’t win your injury lawsuit until you prove what you are claiming. No one can help you if you don’t provide any evidence. Your insurance companies won’t pay you without any proof that the third party is responsible for your injury and the jury won’t give you any favour without evidence. 

Therefore, you should take legal help from the Lake Charles Personal Injury Attorney. Your lawyer will help you in collecting the evidence and he will work on your case to make it strong and claim the compensation that you deserve.

The Types Of Evidence You Need To Win a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Indeed, there are different types of personal injury cases and every case is different from another case. It is not necessary that one type of evidence also works for the other personal injury case. But some common types of evidence are essential for every personal injury lawsuit to make it win. These types of evidence include

Videos or photographs of the incident

The photographs or videos are solid evidence that can’t be denied easily and these types of evidence are enough to make it clear who was at fault. You can collect the videos from CCTV cameras or surveillance cameras, these cameras record everything and show what happened.

However, you can capture pictures after the accident or can ask someone to take pictures of injuries you have gone through due to the negligence of another person or company. Making videos or capturing photographs of the incident has become common practice in this digital era and is useful evidence to prove the fault.

Copy of police report

You must have called the police after an accident. Police officers after responding to the call, investigate everything, collect the statements from both parties and make a detailed report that contains valuable information related to the incident. Your personal injury lawyer can request copies of the police report as this report works as evidence.

Testimonies of eye-witnesses

Testimonies of eye-witnesses play a great role and the jury gives preference to these testimonies as they are outsiders and were present during the incident so they must have observed each and everything. You should record their testimonies and ask them for their contact number because sometimes they leave before the police arrive.

Medical record

Severe accidents make you suffer badly and you confront injuries. Due to injuries, you have to go for medical checkups, treatments, tests, medication, therapies, surgeries, and so on. These medical procedures are expensive and lengthy as they take time to recover completely. 

Keep these receipts, bills, test reports, and prescriptions. This medical record will show how severe your injury was. 

Report of income

Due to severe incidents, it becomes hard for you to go to work. You take long leaves from work and this affects your wages. Sometimes the victim becomes permanently disabled after the incidents and they lose their job and will suffer financially for life long.

You should provide an authentic report of income that shows how much money you would have earned till the time of retirement if you haven’t been in an accident. 

Expert research, studies, or testimonies

Some experts investigate the case and do research on the case to make sure what happened, how it happened, and who was responsible for the incident. Experts study severe cases in detail. Therefore, the testimonies of experts play an important role in the court before the jury.

Suffering and pain

Suffering and pains are subjective and these are difficult to measure but suffering and pain can be described. You can describe the activities that have been affected after suffering or express your pain in emotional words that depict the picture of your sorrows.


Evidence is important to win any kind of legal case. And these are the common types of evidence that are essential to prove every kind of personal injury lawsuit. But obviously, the only evidence won’t work if you don’t have an experienced or professional lawyer at your side. Therefore, you should hire a Lake Charles Personal Injury Attorney if you want to win the case and get fair compensation for all the losses you have faced.

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