Not Just BMW and Oktoberfest: How Munich, Home of the Biggest Beer Celebration in the World, Truly Lives and Breathes

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Munich is a great city, from its world-class museum collection to its beer-drinking society, which is as fascinating as its renown implies, if not more so.

Everyone who visits Munich will find something for themselves among the lakes, parks and beer gardens, museums, historical places, and enormous shopping. A journey to the Bavarian city is all you need if you want the finest beer, the most idyllic vistas, eco-parks, amazing food, amazing art collections, or just to lounge around with some really great people.

One of the principal flight centres in Europe and a significant aviation hub in Germany is Munich Airport. The Erding and Freising neighbourhoods, which are 28 kilometres to the northeast of Munich, contain the airfield facility. There are two railroad stops at Munich airport. In front of both stations' entrances are airport taxi parking spaces.

If you know the precise date and time of the flight, it is preferable to reserve an airport taxi or airport transfer from Munich Airport in preparation. In this scenario, the driver of AtoB Munich airport taxi will pick you up from the Munich airport terminal and transport you to the starting point of your trip. Your bags will be carefully stowed in the vehicle by the chauffeur as he helps you take them there. Every car of the AtoB airport transfer service is maintained, and its lifespan shouldn't exceed seven years. Also, you can purchase an extra baby car seat for airport transfer if you have a young child.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we show you the best locations to explore and activities to do in Munich! Here is a collection of suggestions for visitors to Munich that will help you plan your trip in order to make your journey ideal!

Munich Residenz

The Munich Residence is a good place to start if you're not sure what to do in Munich. Ask the chauffeur of your Munich airport taxi to stop near this location. The Wittelsbach, the dukes, electors, and monarchs of Bavaria, once resided in this location. The structure has evolved into one of the most significant institutions in Europe. The mansion is regarded as being the biggest among comparable buildings constructed inside the city fortifications.

The complex's building components were added to and increased from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Many monuments and pieces of art that reflected the characteristics of various periods began to emerge during this time. The three sets of courtyards—Royal Chambers, Old Residence, and Festive Halls—comprise a total of ten courtyards. 130 shows on different subjects are also available.

Nymphenburg Palace

This lovely icon in Munich is a must-see for those who enjoy taking strolls in mediaeval gardens on a romantic note. So, book an airport transfer in advance and come here. Visitors are welcomed at the entryway by lovely sculptures and a stunning garden. If you choose to go further inside, you can think about the lovely swans that hang out in two tiny pools.

Additionally, ducks enjoy swimming there, and lovely gazebos are used for relaxation. There is a chance to see untamed deer playing in the woods inside the park. During the balmy months, you can go on hikes as well as gondola rides. In the park, there is an eatery called "Under the Palms" for lovers of German food. You can grab a quick snack to eat or savour a fine dinner here.


The city's major plaza and its historical core are located here. For fans of traditional German design, the full perimeter is a pedestrian area. One of Munich's most well-known sights is Marienplatz. In addition to being here, Kaufinger Straße, the major shopping thoroughfare, also has both municipal halls.

Nearby you can take an airport transfer and find a storied Viktualienmarkt market. The Frauenkirche church in Munich and many other well-known Munich locations are easily accessible from the plaza. Additionally, the city's S-Bahn routes come together a few metres beneath.

English Garden

One of the biggest parks on the globe is this one. Its land covers 417 hectares in total. At the close of the 18th century, renowned garden architect Friedrich Ludwig Schkel created it. Many visitors ponder the meaning of the name "English Garden." The yard was built in the English landscape design, it is a truth. Restraint and imbalance are its key characteristics.

Previously, only nobles had access to gardens, but the English Garden in Munich was one of the first locations where regular people were permitted entry. Reserve an AtoB Munich airport transfer and visit English Garden. However, because nudists are permitted to sunbathe on some of the grounds, you should exercise care when moving around with children.


This location's moniker refers to "Court Brewery." Germans are well known for their enjoyment of the foamy beverage and their proficiency in brewing it. The Hofbräuhaus is one of the best locations to taste it. The beer eatery is complemented by a lovely courtyard. The location is close to Munich's central plaza on foot or using an AtoB airport taxi. Beer was initially produced here for the Bavarian dukes, but since 1828 it has been made accessible to everyone. The location is well-liked by both commoners and members of the aristocracy. Hitler and Mozart were just a few of the leaders and artists who frequently visited this place.


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