How Checkr Screens Employees' Background (and Other Things You Need to Know about the AI-Based Platform)

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Posted: 17th February 2023 by
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It's in your company's best interest to find reliable people.

That said, how do you know who the best person is for the task? The answer is background checks. But there has been some chatter about background checks recently and you may have come across common topics like "DoorDash Checkr suspended" or "dispute Checkr" online. 

In this article, we'll give you clarity on how Checkr is using AI to help streamline the employee screening process. Read on for everything you need to know about this AI platform. 

What Is Checkr AI Platform 

A cloud-based background screening solution, Checkr assists businesses of all sizes in managing employee and job applicant background checks. It involves streamlining workflows, adding new users, sharing candidate records with review teams, and inserting multiple checks. 


 Unlike traditional background check companies, Checkr utilizes AI technology along with adjudication tools to make hiring more efficient, while its analytics provide companies with opportunities to expand their talent pool.

If you’re curious about what companies use Checkr, the platform provides background check services for industries including manufacturing, healthcare, non-profit, retail and hospitality, and education. 

What Does Checkr Look for in Background Checks 

As part of the Checkr background check, the platform looks for different information about the candidate that can be legally reported in a background check report such as academic history, work history, and any fiscal responsibilities they may have. Using the candidate's PII and Social Security Number, Checkr conducts background screenings based on the employer's specific request, including criminal and driving records checks. 

Checkr uses public and private databases to look for records that match a candidate's full name, date of birth, and address history. After screening is completed, an employer receives a report containing the requested information about the candidate.

What Does Checkr Background Check Show in the Reports

Checkr conducts various searches to uncover different types of information about the individual. They adhere to state and local laws as well as FCRA requirements to identify what type of information can legally appear on their background check report. 

A Checkr background check report may include information about an individual's criminal records, civil court records, credit checks, driving records (MVRs), employment verifications, education verifications, and international background checks. 

Checkr report suspended case, however, may occur if the company requests information about the candidate that goes against Checkr's legal compliance policies.

How Long Does Checkr Take for DoorDash Background Checks 

People, who want to deliver for DoorDash may be curious about questions like "does DoorDash use Checkr?" and "how long does Checkr background check take?" DoorDash drivers must pass a background check if they wish to deliver for DoorDash. 

Applicants must consent to the background check by submitting their application to Checkr. These background checks usually take five to seven business days, but the waiting period depends on how quickly Checkr completes all necessary checks. 

Several drivers have reported that their background checks have been cleared within a day or two, but it may take several weeks in other cases. Some drivers have even reported that their background checks have been cleared in as little as 15 minutes.

Why Is Checkr Taking So Long to Do A Background Check 

If a Checkr background check is taking quite some time, some may wonder if it's a Checkr report suspended case or a Checkr background check dispute situation. Typically, background checks take a few days to a week. 

Checkr's ETA tool provides an estimated timeframe for the candidate's report. Although these estimates are highly accurate, they are not guaranteed. In a few cases, delays of two to three weeks may occur. Unfortunately, Checkr cannot expedite the process in these situations.

Checkr background check delays are most commonly caused by:

  • At least one county on the County Criminal Record Check to require a physical search for a candidate’s records;
  • Seasonal hiring spikes or COVID-19 causes county courts to experience delays due to staffing and backlog challenges; and
  • A candidate’s failure to respond to Checkr's request for additional information due to an exception. 

Why Is My Checkr Report Suspended or Pending

There have been occurrences of Checkr background check suspended cases so some might wonder what the possible reasons may be. When a report is suspended or displays a “Checkr unable to complete background check” status, it is usually because Checkr, or the company to which a candidate applied, has requested additional information or documentation that has not yet been provided. 

Logging into the Candidate Portal is the best way to see if Checkr needs any additional information or documentation. The Candidate Portal will include a link that allows the candidates to upload information or documentation if an outstanding request exists.

Can I Sue Checkr for Providing Inaccurate Information in the Report

Background check agencies can make mistakes. A Checkr class action lawsuit and other cases can be filed by individuals if Checkr has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Consumer Attorneys can help claimants recover compensation for their damages.

Whether you're looking for more information about Checkr's screening services or want to know how Checkr protects the information, we hope that this article will bring you some clarity on these often-misunderstood Checkr complaints and subjects.

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