Obtaining Italian Citizenship By Marriage

Why Do You Need Expert Guidance To Obtain Italian Citizenship By Marriage

Although marrying a foreigner sounds exciting, you may have a tough time with the immigration rules of their country. After all, you will expect to join them and start a new life, but the legal formalities can stand in your way.

 Fortunately, most countries ease the transition for couples by providing them with viable immigration options. If you marry an Italian, the citizenship by marriage route can get you in. You can visit these experts on Italian Citizenship to understand more about all stages of the process.

Although things are pretty straightforward, it is better to seek professional assistance to tie the loose ends properly. Let us explain why you must opt for expert guidance to obtain Italian citizenship by marriage.

Be aware of the timelines

Although marrying an Italian entitles you to citizenship rights, you cannot claim them immediately after tying the knot. You will have to wait for relevant timelines to qualify for the route, and an expert can guide you in this context. A couple residing in Italy can go ahead with the process two years after the marriage, while the timeline increases to three years for those living outside Italy. Your expert can also suggest a solution to expedite the immigration journey by having a biological child or adopting one. The step cuts down the timelines to half for couples looking forward to starting their new life. 

Seek advice on language prep

Besides the timelines, you also require language preparation to qualify for Italian citizenship by marriage. An applicant must show at least an intermediate level of proficiency in Italian to be eligible to apply. Seeking advice from a professional enables you to begin language prep sooner than later. Experts recommend using the initial time after marriage to ramp up your linguistic skills so that you are ready to pass the test and apply at the right time. Learning the language also helps you to make a smooth transition after obtaining citizenship. 

Ensure no omissions and errors

The Italian citizenship by marriage process requires a list of documents to validate your eligibility for the route. You will have to provide your marriage certificate in the first place. The country allows same-sex civil unions, but you must have proper proof to establish the relationship. Further, the document checklist includes ID proof of your spouse, your birth certificate, and criminal check documents. Once you gather the documents, you should get the non-Italian ones translated and apostilled. At this stage, you are ready to apply for citizenship by marriage at your local consulate. But you must ensure flawless documentation because an error or omission can lead to delays. Hiring a professional to oversee the process prevents such an issue. 

Joining your spouse and their family in Italy after marriage is a dream come true. But you must do it legitimately only after completing the formalities. Even better, claim Italian citizenship by marriage because you can rightfully do it. Let an expert show you the way to make the process as easy as possible.

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