Apple Denied Third Trial In $300M Wireless Patent Case

Apple Denied Third Trial In $300 Million Wireless Patent Case

Apple Inc has been denied a third trial by an East Texas court after the tech giant was hit with a $300 million verdict for violating Optis Wireless Technology LLC’s wireless-standard patent rights

Last year, Apple told the court that it was entitled to a new damages trial or a ruling erasing Optis’ damages completely. However, on Tuesday, US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap denied Apple’s requests. 

In 2019, Optis and its affiliates PanOptis Patent Management LLC and Unwired Planet LLC sued Apple, claiming its 4G LTE-capable products, including Apple Watches and iPhones, infringed its patents which are vital to the international LTE wireless standard. 

Last April, Judge Gilstrap abandoned a $506 million verdict for Optis because the jury had not heard evidence about the company’s duty to offer licenses to the patents on fair terms. Gilstrap then ordered a new trial on damages, though upheld the finding that Apple had infringed. Optis was awarded $300 million by a new jury in August following a second trial. 

In October, Apple requested the award to be abandoned, citing several alleged issues with the second trial, including problems with evidence, jury instructions, and the sum Optis had demanded. 

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