Now Live: Legal Awards 2021

Now Live: Legal Awards 2021

Lawyer Monthly reveals its winners list of the past year's most successful leaders in the legal sector

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2021

Lawyer Monthly is pleased to announce that the full list of winners of our 2021 Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards has been published.

To say that the past two years have been a trying time for business would be to understate their impact. Between the mass disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and continued political shifts at home and abroad, global organisations have faced uncertainty like never before. Against this backdrop, the legal profession has stepped up its support. Lawyers and legal experts across the world have continued to prove worthy of the trust their clients place in them, tirelessly taking each new obstacle in stride. The Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards aims to shine a spotlight on the best of these unswerving professionals.

The Legal Awards are the result of several months of research and preparation with the aim of recognising the firms and individual legal experts who have delivered exceptional results for their clients. Winners are selected from all areas of the legal sector, with junior associates and veteran barristers alike receiving accolades provided that they have influenced the wider legal profession in their jurisdiction.

2021’s Featured Winners

The 2021 publication includes exclusive interviews from these winners, including the likes of Walter Leger Jr, who has fought for justice in some of the largest maritime disasters of the past century. Also featured are the high-flying sports law team at Armstrong Teasdale and prolific international lawyer Conan J Higgins, among several other winners of distinction. Each of these high achievers have graciously revealed some of the secrets of their growing success and a glimpse into their plans for the future.

We at Lawyer Monthly are proud to present this special publication. Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists.

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