Buddhist Juror Excused From Elizabeth Holmes Trial

Buddhist Juror Excused From Elizabeth Holmes Trial Due To Religious Concerns

On Wednesday, a juror serving in Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’ fraud trial was excused after telling the judge that, as a Buddhist, she believes in love and forgiveness.

Juror No 4 told Judge Edward Davila in the US District Court San Jose that if Holmes were found guilty and sent to prison for a “long, long time” she would feel it was her fault. 

I’m thinking of all the time she’ll be in jail,” the juror told Davila, according to The Mercury News.

While the judge reminded the juror that her responsibility was only to decide the facts of the case, the juror said she thought about the punishment “every day.” She said she felt she would only be able to remain on the jury if she didn’t have to vote on whether or not Holmes was guilty.  

Meanwhile, the alternate juror chosen to replace Juror No 4 also expressed concerns about reaching a verdict, due to English not being her first language. According to The Mercury News, the woman told the judge that she felt the language barrier could impact the outcome of Holmes’ future. Howveer, she said she had understood the proceedings so far. Following this, the judge told the court and the alternate juror that she would replace Juror No 4 for what remains of the trial. 

Holmes is on trial for charges of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud over allegations that she misled investors, doctors, and patients about the capabilities of Theranos’ blood-testing machines. If convicted, the Theranos founder and former CEO faces up to 20 years in prison. 

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