The Dangers and Legal Ramifications of Paraquat Exposure

The Dangers and Legal Ramifications of Paraquat Exposure

Below, Lawyer Monthly hears from Jeffrey Nadrich on the current litigation surrounding paraquat and the long-term health complications it can cause.

What is paraquat?

Paraquat is a herbicide which has been sold since the early 1960s to eradicate weeds. It has been extensively used in agricultural areas throughout California, including the Central Valley, Sacramento Valley, Imperial Valley and Inyo County. It has also been used widely in the Midwest and in the Mississippi Delta.

Why is exposure to this substance dangerous? 

Exposure to paraquat is dangerous as it can cause Parkinson’s disease. People who are regularly exposed to paraquat through direct exposure and overspray exposure can develop Parkinson’s disease as a result. We represent many clients who have lived on a farm adjacent to where paraquat was routinely sprayed or live in a residential area next to agricultural fields where paraquat was regularly applied.

What legal recourse is available to those who have suffered injuries or health complications due to paraquat exposure?

The legal recourse is to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers. We are actively filing lawsuits against the major manufacturers of paraquat, including Chevron and Syngenta. Paraquat is also known by many brand names including Gramoxone, Blanco, Chevron, Devour and Helmquat.

People who are regularly exposed to paraquat through direct exposure and overspray exposure can develop Parkinson’s disease as a result.

What are the typical grounds for a paraquat lawsuit? 

The basis of our lawsuits is the failure to warn of the specific health risks associated with paraquat exposure. We believe the manufacturers knew or should have known that paraquat exposure is linked to an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Do these criteria vary significantly by state?

We are representing clients all over the country who have been exposed to paraquat and were subsequently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or who have developed Parkinson’s symptoms. We are handling cases on behalf of individuals who have worked in agricultural fields, lived close to agricultural fields where paraquat was sprayed, or those who purchased or applied paraquat.

How is liability proved in a paraquat exposure case?

We intend to prove that Paraquat exposure caused our clients’ Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.

What significant case law has built up around the herbicide?

Cases are currently moving through federal and various state courts throughout the country. A Multiple District Litigation (MDL) was recently established in St. Louis. There is a California State Court action as well. Litigation is now entering into an active phase. Nadrich & Cohen and its partners are in leadership positions in all of the major cases.

Is there any particular advice that you would give to somebody who suspects that they or a loved one has been harmfully exposed to paraquat?

I recommend that the person reach out to Nadrich & Cohen. We offer a free consultation and can advise him or her of their legal options. We have an entire team dedicated to investigating and pursuing our clients’ paraquat claims.


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