5 Signs It's Time to Call a Criminal Defence Attorney

In Cuffs? 5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Criminal Defence Attorney

No matter what the circumstances of your arrest might be, a criminal defence lawyer will have the knowledge and experience necessary to represent you.

Being arrested is an incredibly stressful event that can end in your emotions getting the best of you. Experiencing stressful situations can lead to irrational thinking like telling white lies to avoid confrontation or resisting arrest. While it’s understandable to feel scared and stressed during an arrest, it’s critical that you stay calm and collected to avoid further complications. If you’re unable to remain composed during an arrest, opt for the silent method to sidestep incriminating yourself further.

If you end up facing charges, you’ll need to understand the impact a criminal record will have on your day-to-day life. When convicted of a crime, charges—even minor ones—stay with you. Having a criminal record can restrict you from obtaining a job, living in certain places, and finishing your schooling. To avoid further complications, consider attorney services for expert legal advice and potential record erasures.

Signs it’s time to call in the experts

You’re guilty

Often, guilty subjects fail to hire criminal defence attorneys because they think they can talk their way out of criminal violations. However, refusing representation when guilty is a critical mistake, as experienced criminal defence attorneys help reduce charges and, in some cases, dismiss them altogether.

You’re facing jail time

Make sure to hire a lawyer quickly if your crime penalty involves jail time. The prosecution will be more willing to work with you early on, which means your attorney may be able to get you better case results. In addition, hiring an attorney sooner rather than later gives them time to prepare your case and uncover evidence that can exonerate you.

The police want to question you

If you simply witnessed a crime take place, you’re probably safe to talk with the police. However, if you’re being investigated as a suspect, refuse to speak until you’ve hired a lawyer. Law enforcement can use any personal statements against you in court, which means you should keep discrepancies or other incriminating content to a minimum. By hiring a legal confidant, you’ll have access to guidance to ensure the process works in your favor.

The police ask you to sign something

Unless you are a crime scene witness, do not sign anything the police give you without a lawyer present. Signing documentation could further incriminate you, as law enforcement can use it as a confession or incriminating evidence.

You’re Innocent

Countless individuals in jail are serving time for a crime they did not commit. If you’re innocent, hire an experienced criminal defence attorney to assist you with your case. Often, innocent people accused of illegal activity struggle to free themselves from legal trouble without help from an expert lawyer. When you hire an attorney, they can argue your innocence and ensure exoneration for crimes you didn’t commit.

The bottom line

Finding yourself in the back of a cop car bogged down in handcuffs is a universally unpleasant experience. However, you can free yourself from unwanted bonds and fees by hiring expert attorneys to help you through the legal process.

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