Why Truck Accident Cases Are So Complex

Why Truck Accident Cases Are So Complex

Truck accidents and car accidents are apples and oranges when looked at from a legal standpoint. Damage recovery following a truck accident is typically longer and more challenging, and liability may not be as straightforward as in a regular car accident.

Below, we explore the differences between a car accident and a truck accident, highlighting the aspects that make truck accidents so complicated.

1. Trucks carry bigger policies

Vehicle size is one of the factors used by insurance companies to calculate the cost of coverage. Truck policies can be worth up to 40 times more than passenger vehicle policies. Thus, many insurers would do anything to escape liability in the event of an accident, meaning you are less likely to recover damages if the at-fault party is a commercial truck driver.

2. They require a lawyer experienced in truck accidents

Without a seasoned truck accident attorney, you may not receive the compensation you deserve. There are many factors to consider when calculating a claim’s worth that an  attorney who is not familiar with truck accidents may not fully understand.

Additionally, semi-truck lawyers know all the tactics used by insurance adjusters to exploit victims. A first offer may seem good when it is actually far below what a court would have awarded. Sometimes victims are coerced into admitting liability, oblivious of the impact it will have on their claim. If you are involved in an accident of this kind, you should learn all you can about how a truck accident attorney can help with your case.

Without a seasoned truck accident attorney, you may not receive the compensation you deserve.

3. More regulations

Most commercial trucks do interstate deliveries, meaning trucking companies have to register with the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Some of the trucking industry regulations include annual inspections, special driver qualifications, and truck maintenance rules. These truck-specific regulations are among the elements that create a platform for complexity in the claim-filing process.

4. Truck accidents have an increased chance of death

Statistics by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show that truck accidents cause between 3,000 and 5,000 deaths every year. Typically when a victim loses their life in an accident, fault determination becomes more laborious, and the whole legal process becomes drawn-out. It is best that whoever is filing a wrongful death claim hires an accident attorney to conduct independent investigations for them instead of relying on the findings of the potential at-fault party.

5. Truck accidents often involve several vehicles

Due to their size and weight, trucks are often harder to control or stop when there is an emergency. This creates room for mistakes and increases the chances of the truck ramming into other vehicles on the road. The involvement of several cars makes it more challenging for investigators to determine fault and expedite the victim compensation process. Many accident cases involving trucks end up in court for this reason.


Now you know why compensation claims for truck accident victims are so complicated. Always have an attorney by your side when pursuing damage recovery following a truck accident. An attorney will navigate the legal process more smoothly and negotiate a fair compensation amount for you.

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