Making Your Prenuptial Agreement Is Enforceable in Maryland

How Can I Ensure my Prenuptial Agreement Is Enforceable in Maryland?

Prenuptial agreements in Maryland are governed by contract law. The purpose of these agreements is to plan for two events – what happens financially upon divorce and death. 

These agreements, either before or after marriage, serve equally as estate planning as they do for the unintended divorce.  By agreeing before the conflict or death, costly litigation is avoided. But only if the prenuptial agreement is enforceable.

There are three keys ways to ensure an enforceable prenuptial agreement.  These agreements get set aside or reformed (partially set aside) by contract law defenses that a party may raise, such as fraud, misrepresentation, mistake, duress, coercion, undue influence, capacity, illegality, unconscionability and lack of formation (e.g. lack of consideration).

  1. Financial Disclosures

The first step to take, and thoroughly complete, is financial disclosures of each party’s assets and liabilities, with the disclosures attached to the agreement.  Complete disclosure gives both parties actual knowledge of what they agree to waive.  Incomplete disclosures will not automatically cause a court to set aside or reform the agreement, but a material nondisclosure is carefully considered by the court and creates litigation otherwise avoidable by proper disclosures.  The Maryland court says the test for the validity of a prenuptial agreement is whether there was “overreaching” or “unfairness or inequity in the result of the agreement or in its procurement.” Stewart v. Stewart, 214 Md. App. 458, 462 (2013).  The best way to avoid this validity attack is to have a “full, frank, and truthful disclosure” of all property being waived.

  1. Independent Counsel

It is important for each party to have their own independent counsel so that each party has received legal advice about the terms and had an opportunity to negotiate those terms.  While independent counsel does not insulate the agreement from attack, it creates a strong barrier against claims of fraud, misrepresentation, mistake, duress, coercion, undue influence, capacity, illegality, unconscionability and lack of formation (e.g. lack of consideration).  Such defenses are precisely what lawyers are hired to protect against.

  1. Timing

A common reason for prenuptial agreements to be set aside is when they were entered too quickly on the “eve” of marriage or close to that date, especially if the negotiations leading up to the execution were in short duration and the agreement was largely drafted by the monied spouse’s counsel, such that a reasonable person may believe the agreement was rushed into, without full understanding, for the sake of proceeding with the marriage.

In sum, the best way to ensure the validity of a prenuptial agreement in Maryland is for both parties to disclose all financials, hire independent counsel and take time to carefully consider the terms.

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