Women in Law: Becoming a Judge in a Male Dominated Sector

Listen to Alexandra's journey into becoming a Deputy Judge at the High Court and what the legal industry needs to overcome to be truly equal for all genders.

At the Women in Law Conference last year, we had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Alexandra Marks to discuss her journey into becoming a Deputy Judge at the High Court.

From being a Partner at Linklaters LLP, to a Recorder and a Deputy High Court Judge and an Adjudicator for the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Alexandra found herself at the bottom of the career ladder all over again, when she decided to become a Judge, after her very successful career as Partner.

In this interview, you can listen to Alexandra’s words of wisdom. Why are there fewer female judges? How did Alexandra overcome stereotypes against her; how can we achieve true equality in the legal sphere? Click play to find out.

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