Sabre Polska acquires lease of the Tischnera Office building

Sabre Polska acquires lease of the Tischnera Office building

Kubas Kos Gałkowski advised Sabre Polska in negotiating a tailor-made lease agreement of office space for the company's Krakow office.

The agreement pertained to lease of 16 000 square metres of office space in the Tischnera Office building, owned by the Cavatina group, a Polish real estate developer. The transaction was identified in the sector as the largest transaction of this type in 2019 excluding Warsaw.

On the part of the law firm, Sabre Polska was represented by Barbara Jelonek-Jarco, PhD, co-managing partner and Maciej Durbas, attorney at law. The Cavatina group was represented by its internal legal department.

Cavatina Holding and Sabre Polska in March 2019 signed a lease agreement in the Tischnera Office building in Krakow. The total rental area will be close to 16 000 square metres

The Sabre Polska Development Center has been operating in Kraków for over 18 years. The company deals, among other things, with the creation of IT solutions for the aviation and tourism market. Currently, it employs ca. 1500 people in Krakow and is one of the largest employers in the IT industry in the city. Due to the continuous development and growing number of employees, the company decided to change the rented office.

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