Becoming a Barrister: Practising Housing Law and Starting ‘On My Feet’

Below Lawyer Monthly recently heard from Ahmed Osman, a barrister in pupillage at One Pump Court, as he delves into the complexities of housing law and the trivialities of his first case in court.

In the second half of my first six months of pupillage I have been shadowing an experienced Housing barrister. I had no prior experience of Housing law, but had an interest in learning about the area because of my own personal experiences as a child. When I was young, my family and I were evicted from our house because the landlord fell into arrears with the mortgage. We were completely unprepared, but through the kindness of strangers, we were able to find another property at very short notice. Since then, I have developed a keen interest in helping others who find themselves in a similar position. Most of the clients represented by One Pump Court are tenants who were very vulnerable. Obser...

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