Anagenesis Biotechnologies completes fundraising

Anagenesis Biotechnologies completes fundraising of €3 million.

Anagenesis Biotechnologies (“Anagenesis”), a private biotechnology company producing stem-cell derived lineages to develop drugs treating muscle and metabolic diseases, announces a €3 million investment by the Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (“BIVF”) and current shareholder Cap Innov’Est (“CIE”), a French interregional-based seed fund.

The funds raised will support the preclinical work required to develop new, proprietary small compounds identified through the company’s phenotypic screen towards a lead clinical candidate for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). This will drive the company to complete this fund raising to at least a €15 million round A investment in the next 18 months. This round A will be led by BIVF and co-invested by CIE and two new investors.

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