7 Key Tech Skills for Law Students

As your skills and experience evolves, you’re going to have to keep up with the world of technology and innovation. Whether it’s getting to grips with AI or even the most basic IT skills, it’s super important to pay attention to moving trends and keep up with the increasingly changing legal world.

Below Francine Ryan, lecturer in law and member of the Open Justice Centre at The Open University, talks Lawyer monthly through some of the key tech skills you should get your head around. Technology is shaping the practice of law and changing how legal services are being delivered. Lawyers entering practice today require an understanding of the relationship between law and technology. So law students need to work to develop relevant skills and competencies to market themselves to law firms, being able to demonstrate technological acumen is an increasingly valuable addition to the portfolio of skills that will help your application stand out. Law students need to work to develop relevant ski...

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