Sampsistemi Acquires the Entire Share Capital of Pourtier sa

Sampsistemi Acquires the Entire Share Capital of Pourtier sas, SNRT sarl and Setic sas

Sampsistemi, one of the global leaders in the drawing and extrusion technology for the wire and cable market, announced the recent acquisition of Setic, Pourtier and their Service Division C2S.  The combined resources with leading technologies in each market segment in which they operate, will greatly enhance the capability to offer a complete range of products able to match the evolving needs of our customers worldwide.

Setic and Pourtier, two well-known French Companies, part of the Gauder Group, with more than 100 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of high technology rotating equipment, will contribute in further developing and strengthening Sampsistemi’s overall process focus and expertise.

The C2S Service division will boost the ability to support wire and cable makers on a global basis with dedicated solutions.  Throughout its over 80 years of history Sampsistemi has always believed that new ideas and effective processes are the key drive to a company’s continuous growth and development.

“Setic and Pourtier are an exciting opportunity for our Group. We are confident that our joined forces will greatly strengthen and expand our product range in the rotating machinery industry” explains Lapo Vivarelli Colonna, CEO of Sampsistemi. “The acquisition of Setic and Pourtier supports Sampsistemi’s strategy aiming at leading the market and meeting the ongoing demand for a single source-provider capable of managing the clients process with cutting edge know-how.”

Customers worldwide will benefit from a more focused approach and a new technological boost concerning machines and services, while an improved organizational structure will bring the Company closer to its customers’ needs.

This acquisition is entirely complementary, in terms of portfolio, know-how and technology guaranteeing the most cost-effective solutions to clients. The actual Setic and Pourtier product portfolio will be ensured and further enhanced, as well as the fast and easy supply of original spare parts, updated technical drawings and machine software.

Sampsistemi is a Company of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, an international holding active in 7 main sectors, boasting a turnover of 1.2 billion Euro, 58 production plants and 4,600 employees worldwide


Interview with Marco Pezzetta, Partner at Studio Associato Molaro–Pezzetta–Romanelli-Del Fabbro

In your experience, what is the best part, regarding the legal process, of an acquisition where the party acquires all shares?

Probably the most interesting aspect is the design of the process itself: the milestones to transform a possible goal into a realised deal. There are many steps to be logically sequenced up to the closing: non-disclosure agreements, non-binding and binding agreements, (followed or preceded by the identification of the counter party). These milestones need to be matched with current and strategic decisions required to run the business during the negotiations, with due diligence activities and the financing of the operation. To design and find the more appropriate solutions, asks not only for technical skills and experience, but also for project-managing abilities, such as a creative approach and remaining aware and inquisitive towards personal and psychological aspects of the key individuals.


However, in terms of the Sampsistemi deal, can you share the difficulties during the legal process?

The principle difficulties arose from the fact that the deal involved several companies, based in different countries. In a situation like this, it becomes necessary to have a framework agreement dealing with the kind of issues, to ensure you are being compliant with all the applicable rules, not only for corporate-law aspects, but also in terms of finance, accounting principles, taxation and so on.


How did your level of expertise guide you through these challenges?

First of all, I think that the multidisciplinary skills of our team helped a lot. To have practiced and experience many deals and special situations in which financial, legal and tax issues are interweaved definitively increased our ability to face this kind of project. A second important aspect coming from experience, is related to the ability to focus the attention on the very core goals of the client and to have a strong commitment in achieving them, in order to provide a very “tailored” service.


What attracted you to work on this deal?

The project was very challenging, and, in my opinion, challenges are always stimulating. Furthermore, I was attracted to the fact that the goals of both parties were very consistent in relation to a strategic vision of the evolution of the markets and of the industrial sectors involved. I have to admit, anyway, that I was also attracted towards the idea of contributing towards such an important international business combination, which keeps in Italy in France headquarters and decision makers.


How did the’ complementary’ aspect [i.e., an equivalent level of technology know-how to both parties] of the acquisition help during this deal?

These aspects were certainly helpful. The absence of significant technological gaps in industrial processes, in the IT systems, and also in the habit of managing structured and complex corporate processes, facilitated the success of the implementation phase of every business combination. They become, in some cases, an element able to orientate the identification of the partner.

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