Top 10 Places To Travel To in 2018

The Top 10 Places to Travel to in 2018

Lawyer Monthly has teamed up with Tom’s and Black Tomato who have been busy researching and developing experiences in new, off the radar destinations as well revisiting a few old favourites with innovative new tours for their clients, to bring you a definitive list of the best places to travel in 2018.

With key property openings and infrastructure developments opening up new regions to discerning and adventurous travellers, they are recommending destinations such as Keke Xili in China’s remote Tibetan highlands and Aysen, in Chilean Patagonia for wild experiences away from the crowds of Torres del Paine, all of which stand out for their own completely unique reasons and offer travellers whole new perspectives on the world.

  1.       Keke Xili, the Tibetan Plateau China


Why for 2018?

  • The Tibetan Plateau in China is taking centre stage and recently became a UNESCO World Heritage site: highest plateau in the world, often considered as the world’s ‘Third Pole’.
  • 14,750 feet above sea level with striking landscapes that blend alpine mountains and rolling steppe systems, Keke Xili has nurtured a unique biodiversity.
  • Pro tip: Black Tomato can arrange extensive tours during the summer months to witness the migration of the endangered Tibetan Antelope
  • With the addition of a new bullet train route this remote region is now even more accessible for travellers.


  1.       Mexico: Puebla, Mexico City and the Yucatan


Why for 2018?

  • Mexico City has been honoured as World Design Capital for 2018, and as a result Black Tomato will be offering unique private insight into the cities hottest new artists and designers.
  • To experience a natural phenomenon we can arrange a full day trip by helicopter from Mexico City to see the Monarch butterfly migration – an ephemeral spectacle
  • In the Yucatan Peninsula from boutique hideaways we can arrange for clients to tour Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá for a totally private tour of the expansive site before it’s open to the public
  • From above to below we can also arrange a visit to one-of-a-kind art gallery: snorkel through a fascinating exhibit of sculpted figures by the artist, James deCaires Taylor in exclusive MUSA Underwater Contemporary Art Gallery
  • We’re also focusing on the town of Puebla, an emerging cultural gem Southeast of Mexico City. With the recent opening of the Rosewood Puebla and the new five star Cartesiano Hotel that’s opening pre 2018 we’re offering clients the chance to explore this region with local pottery classes and an immersive introduction Poblano cuisine including how to whip up the perfect mole.

  1.       Aysen, Chilean Patagonia


Why for 2018?

  • Nowhere is quite so adventurous, and untouched, as Aysen, Northern Patagonia’s final frontier: a remote land of vast glaciers, snow-capped peaks and jagged fjords.
  • Sparsely populated, Aysen is a place to disconnect from the world and revel in the splendid isolation that its awe-inspiring, and otherworldly, landscapes inspire.
  • Escape the crowds of Torres del Paine and stay in a local boutique, locally owned accommodations hand-picked by Black Tomato’s Travel Experts.

  1.       Tasmania and Western Australia


Why for 2018?

  • Region of Hobart epitomizes the island’s remote location and showcases a rugged wilderness, punctuated by a thriving arts scene, hip foodie haunts and flavour-packed wines rivalling those of the mainland.
  • Newly opened Macq 01 Hotel offers a chic place stay and countless galleries, such as The Mona, position Tasmania as an exciting destination in its own right.
  • For adventurous travellers, stay at Truffle Lodge, a newly opened luxury wilderness camp on the banks of the Derwent River.
  • In Western Australia, sleep overnight on a yacht in Ningaloo reef and dive with whale sharks at dawn.
  • With Qantas launching new flight routes from London to Perth and flights from Houston to Sydney there’s never been a more convenient way to explore Australia.

  1.       Malawi


Why for 2018?

  • 2018 sees the return of Lake Malawi’s ‘Lake of Stars’, a unique festival that celebrates music, arts and culture which Black Tomato can arrange an exclusive package around.
  • 2017 saw the completion of the ground-breaking #500Elephants project – the largest elephant translocation in human history and alongside these wonderful creatures, Malawi’s Nkhotakota Reserve has received hundreds of other animals.
  • New Robin Pope Safaris lodge: Kuthengo Camp, Liwonde National Park, Malawi – opening 27 April 2018.
  • Untouched, unknown and ripe for discovery, Malawi offers sprawling, wildlife-rich national parks that make for the perfect safari away from the crowds, while the vast expanse of Lake Malawi is the perfect beach retreat with its endless white-sand coastlines and crystal clear waters perfect for snorkelling.


  1.       Comporta, Portugal


Why for 2018?

  • The new Ibiza and an exclusive summer getaway free from the crowds
  • Summer 2018 will see the jet-set crowd shifting focus from the glitz of Ibiza and heading to Comporta, a small cluster of villages on Portugal’s Troia Peninsula
  • Sleepy yet sophisticated enclave, primed for summer escapes: unassuming white-washed villages of cobbled streets and terracotta roofs add to the relaxed vibe, yet stepping inside any one of the small boutiques will reveal boho-chic wares and luxe linens.
  • Beaches are beautifully soft and sandy, yet refreshingly quiet, bordered by rolling sand dunes and vibrant rice fields lined by cork trees – perfect for leisurely exploration, especially on horseback.
  • Stay at the effortlessly chic hotel, Sublime, a tranquil estate with 14 beautiful rooms and villas, epitomizing a lesson in the elegance of simplicity – much like Comporta itself.

  1.       New Mexico, USA


Why for 2018?

  • At Black Tomato we’ve started working with Ted Turner Expeditions, where adventures are set up with luxurious lodges within thousands of acres of private rolling ranch-land, to the effect that guests will feel as if they have their own private national park to explore.
  • A land of mind-blowing landscapes that sprawl across the Chihuahuan Desert and beneath the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico invites adventure.
  • Guests will horseback ride across the ranch, hot air balloon above grazing wildlife and hike to mighty peaks.
  • Home-grown escapism at luxury lodges amid mesmerizing landscapes

  1.       Uganda


Why for 2018?

  • Uganda epitomizes our obsession with wildlife, from gorilla treks that rival neighbouring Rwanda, to chimpanzee exploration in Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda offers a combination of endemic species and old favorites.
  • With the recent 100% increase in Rwandan permit prices, Uganda offers more untapped experiences at a much more affordable rate, meaning you can spend longer exploring this ethereal nation.

  1.       Emilia Romagna, Italy


Why for 2018?

  • Home to a menagerie of unforgettable experiences, this region is home to the city where Mozart, Rossini and Wagner introduced their works, host to the oldest university in the western world and offers some of Italy’s most celebrated culinary traditions.
  • Black Tomato’s newest experiences here include exclusive tours of Eataly World – Bologna’s new ‘foodie theme park’ that hosts cutting edge culinary workshops with a focus on eco-responsibility.
  • 8 hour culinary extravaganza that take clients through Bologna, Modena and the surrounding area, sampling the finest flavors of this unique region.

  1.   Bolivia


Why for 2018?

  • The Bolivian capital is a hotbed of culinary talent, even drawing in world-renowned Noma co-founder, Claus Meyer, to set up the neighbourhood’s haute-cuisine offering, Gustu.
  • Take the cable car up to El Alto at 13,500 feet for a bird’s eye view into how far La Paz has come.
  • Throughout Bolivia we’re designing new experiences such wild adventures in the barely developed National Park and an Indigenous Territories such as Tipnis within the regions of Beni and Cochabamba. In the Sub-Andean strip of the tropical Andes between Peru and Bolivia we’ll be offering guests lodge to lodge jungle treks and luxury wilderness experiences to visit pristine environments where few have travelled before.

If you would like to find out more information on travelling to these destinations, Epic Tomato is the expedition led adventure offering from Black Tomato, the award-winning bespoke luxury travel company.

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