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Silva International Investments to Acquire SportBusiness Group

 Silva International Investments and SportBusiness Group announced that the process of SBA Limited acquiring SportBusiness Group has now closed. SBA Limited, managed by Silva International Investments, became the parent company of SportBusiness Group with immediate effect.

Established in 1996, SportBusiness Group is one of the world’s leading providers of timely, accurate, authoritative data and high-value insight, supplying hundreds of businesses working in sport around the globe. It has established a reputation as a market leader for business-critical intelligence and independent analysis.

Commenting on the acquisition, Silva International Investments CEO Marco Auletta said: “This is a great deal for both SportBusiness Group and Silva International Investments. We are confident that we will be able to support SportBusiness Group in maintaining high quality standards and editorial independence as it seeks to strengthen and increase its growth. SportBusiness Group has established a reputation for the quality of its independent market intelligence, consulting expertise and journalistic content, and this is testament to the capability of its staff, at all levels.”

On behalf of SportBusiness Group, CEO Ben Speight said: “We are delighted to have found a partner that believes in the value of our products, and that understands and is pledged to protect our independent journalism and analysis. Together, we believe we can create a bigger, broader, richer, more compelling service that customers will love, and that will help them build better-informed, more competitive, and more successful sports businesses.”

Charter Tax Consulting Ltd. were in the provision of the corporate and personal tax structuring advice to ensure that the right acquisition vehicle was established for the deal. The transaction was led by Janet Paterson, FCA, CTA, TEP, co-founder of Charter Tax.





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