Man Gets Arrested, Tries to Use ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card

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Posted: 11th July 2017 by
Lawyer Monthly
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A man in Minnesota recently learned the law the hard way, and in turn found out that Monopoly money, cards and property aren’t real.

When pulled over by the Dakota County Sheriff's Office for an arrest warrant on the vehicle the man was driving, he attempted to show the police a Monopoly board game ‘Get out of jail free’ card in the hope of being letting off.

The card says: “Get out of jail free. This card may be kept until needed or traded.” Unfortunately, outside of the board game, the card has no legal power.

In the process, the law enforcement authorities also realised that the man had an active arrest warrant, and therefore arrested him.

In making this move, the arrested culprit not only took the police’s authority in vain, but also pretty much admitted to a crime. He forgot to realise that ‘anything that you say can be used against you’.

On top of that, once he hits trial and a judge sees station surveillance of the man joking around with the police officers, it’s not going to look good on him really.

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