Lawyers Worldwide Hunt for Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Accuser

Lawyers Worldwide Hunt for Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Accuser

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Jordan Chandler, now 37 years old, first publicly accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse at the age of 13. He was the first to do so, and is now being sought for further testimony against the Jackson estate.

Chandler originally won $20 million against MJ, and has since kept a very low profile. But now another alleged molestation victim, Wade Robson, is calling him out to testify in his ongoing 2013 lawsuit claiming he suffered years of sexual abuse after Jackson company grooming.

Jordan is therefore being searched by lawyers worldwide, and particularly in the UK and EU, as sources indicate he has fled the US to avoid further investigations. According to the Daily Mail, Lead attorney Vince Finaldi says Jordan Chandler is a ‘key piece of the puzzle’.

Through the years, Chandler and his family, including his sister Lily Chandler, have received numerous threats and hate from Jackson fans following the $20 million 1993 suit. His father, Evan Chandler committed suicide in 2009, reportedly as a result of the attacks from MJ fans, and other family matters.

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  1. BrandonP says

    FACT: Judge Beckloff ruled on June 28th, 2017 on the Estates demurrer and dismissed Safechucks case for good, the Robson case is doomed. During demurrer hearing Robson and Safechuck lawyer argued that Safechuck and Robson cases are basically the same thing and they cannot be separated. He aint getting a dime from The Bank of Michael Jackson.

    Its the same claims about the same entities, so you cannot separate these cases. Thats why according to the law Safechucks loss in control issue means Robson will lose in the control issue as well. Suddenly Robsons recent “healing” and going back to dancing in the entertainment business makes sense.

    BTW: In 2005 Jordan Chandler was allegedly physically assaulted by his own father.

    Jordan filed a request for a restraining order against his father on August 5, 2005. The reason for the order was that Evan Chandler, formerly a dentist and an aspiring screenwriter, had allegedly hit Jordan over the head from behind with a twelve and a half pound weight. Hed also allegedly sprayed him in the face with mace and tried to choke him.

    The two men, according to court papers, were living together in a luxury apartment in New Jersey with panoramic views of Manhattan.

    This followed a reversal of the restraining order by another judge who felt that Evan Chandlers actions did not represent a pattern of abuse and didnt qualify as domestic abuse. The appellate judges disagreed, reinstated the restraining order, and sent the case to trial.

    “The judge also found that the weight could cause serious bodily injury or death,” they wrote, indicating that they felt Evan Chandler meant to harm his son.

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