More Than Four In 10 Lawyers Expect Their Law Firms to Increase Marketing Spend In 2017

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Posted: 14th February 2017 by
Lawyer Monthly
Last updated 6th June 2018
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They may not have put out ads for the big game, but many law firms intend to make more of a splash this year. Nearly half (45%) of lawyers interviewed by Robert Half Legal anticipate their firms will boost marketing spending in the months ahead. Only 1% said marketing budgets would decrease.

The survey was developed by Robert Half Legal, a legal staffing and consulting solutions firm specializing in lawyers, paralegals and other highly skilled legal professionals. It was conducted by an independent research firm and is based on 175 telephone interviews with lawyers among the largest law firms in the US and Canada.

Lawyers were asked, "Does your law firm plan to increase or decrease its spending on marketing its services in the coming year?" Their responses:

Increase significantly - 4%

Increase somewhat - 41%

Neither increase nor decrease - 44%

Decrease somewhat - 1%

Decrease significantly - 0%

Not applicable/does not use marketing services - 4%

Don't know - 6%

"In an increasingly competitive environment for legal services, law firms are making a bigger effort to differentiate themselves," said Charles Volkert, senior district president of Robert Half Legal. "Managing partners are hiring marketing specialists and consultants to help distinguish their firm's brand and broaden its exposure to potential clients."

Volkert noted that some of the marketing strategies being implemented by law firms include expanding digital advertising, enhancing social media efforts and redesigning websites to improve their online presence.

"Law firms are placing greater emphasis on providing client-focused web content to showcase their practice area expertise, such as blogs, videos and podcasts," said Diane Domeyer, Executive Director of The Creative Group, a specialized staffing service for interactive design, marketing, advertising and public relations professionals. "There's high demand for web and mobile designers, content strategists and brand managers who can use the latest technologies to help firms deliver enhanced customer experiences via digital channels."

(Source: Robert Half Legal)

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