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Campaign for Clarity: Vote Leave & Remain Camps Answer Key SME Business Questions

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As part of its commitment to the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) business community, the UK200Group has launched its Campaign for Clarity ahead of the EU Referendum on June 23rd.

With this in mind, the UK200Group asked its members and their clients to contribute their most important business questions to a document that was then submitted to Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave. The answers were received between May 12th and 24th 2016 and are documented in the report.

The UK200Group, established in 1986, represents a significant group of trusted, quality-assured business advisers – chartered accountants and lawyers – who have over 150,000 SME clients in total. As such, the UK200Group acts as the voice for 1,500 charities, over 10% of all registered academies, more than 3,700 farms, 800 healthcare businesses and over 500 property and construction professionals.

Head over to the UK200Group report for all the answers to the key business questions. The Remain camp, as the nearest to status quo, has had its answers listed first under a blue heading, and the Leave camp has its answers underneath an orange heading.

The UK200Group is impartial in the EU referendum debate and seeks only to provide clarity to its members on issues that will affect them.  As such, the answers are provided verbatim from Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave and are combined for the first time in this report.

The report includes questions from real SME owners in the following areas: Agriculture, Business Growth, Charity and Education, Employment, Healthcare, High Net Worth, Individuals, International, Legal, Legislation and Regulation, Quality, and Sports.

(Source: UK200Group)

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