Lawyer Monthly Rich List – Robert Shapiro

Rich List Fact: 

After his son’s death in 2005 he founded The Brent Shapiro Foundation, a non-profit organisation with an aim to raise drug awareness, for which he serves as chairman of the board, as well as Pickford Lofts, a rehabilitation facility.

Robert Shapiro

Worth: $50 million

Firm: Glaser Weil

Bio: Robert Shapiro is one of the most well-known attorneys to feature on our list thanks to his reputation as the celebrity lawyer of choice.  He achieved worldwide exposure gaining an acquittal as the original lead counsel for O.J. Simpson, forming part of the ‘Dream Team’ tasked with defending Simpson in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

Shapiro graduated from Loyola Law School back in 1968 and shortly after began his career as a criminal attorney in California.  His success led to the securing of a series of high profile clients including O.J. Simpson, Darryl Strawberry, Johnny Carson, Christian Brando and many more.

Following the fallout from the O.J. Simpson trial which included a public spat with his fellow co-counsellor F. Lee Bailey and others, Shapiro moved his practice away from criminal defence toward civil litigation.  For over 30 years he has been successfully representing a raft of prominent businesses including Rockstar Energy, Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts, Diamond Resorts and celebrities including the Kardashians and actress Eva Longoria.

A successful entrepreneur as well as lawyer, Shapiro obtained a business degree from the University of California in 1965 and has used his knowledge to co-found several businesses including and LegalZoom.  As someone who has proven to be comfortable in front of a camera, Shapiro has also appeared in several television commercials to promote his businesses.   He has also authored several books, including  ‘The Search for Justice’ and ‘Misconceptions’ as well as a children’s book, Somo says NO’ which carries a strong anti-drug message, a subject close to the Californian Lawyers heart.

Thanks to his high-profile and achievements in both criminal and civil litigation, Robert Shapiro has been awarded many accolades, including being selected as one of The Most Influential Lawyers in America by the National Law Journal, selected  as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers and named as one of 50 Inspirational Alumni by Loyola Law School.

Robert Shapiro’s continued success as one of the world’s most renowned litigators and his successful side ventures have resulted in wealth and accomplishments that have earned him his place on our Lawyer Monthly Rich List.